Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Al-Haitham Jassar


Well, I guess I’ve finally found my favorit idea. A crew of pirates fall in shock when they see this funky looking old wizard swooshing by in the middle of nowhere!
I still have to work alote on the details and composition, but at least I’ve nailed the idea :slight_smile:



Ok, I’m still with the pirates concept but with a few changes, the wizard is out and instead I’ll put the captain of the ship…

If I don’t have any new ideas soon I will change it…


Well, I’ve chosen to make the weather stormy, and all the pirates are struggling to survive…
But one of them ( maybe the captain ) is in another world!


Well, this is a rough sketch of the playful pirate


[left]nice steps jassar >>>> :thumbsup:


Do the wizardthing! Do the wizardthing!


Thanks guys,
Most people liked the last idea, so i guess i’ll stick to that one :slight_smile:
but i still need loads of ideas for the background story. If you have any cool ideas please tell :smiley:



Well, here’s the first sketch for the ship. Once i choose a good concept for it I will start modeling a rough 3D object.


ok, this is the model which I will use to choose the best angle for the scene.


Double post


This is the final look of the crazy pirate… for now that is :slight_smile:


Well, just to share a WIP image with you guys, this is a close up of a part of the background characters…
I’m still working on the line art, no need to hurry i guess :slight_smile:


This is the gun…


It’s not totally finished yet, there will be more pirates and more detail on the ship,
comments are very welcome :slight_smile:


nice work jassar :scream:


Thanks for the support OMS :slight_smile:


I like the turtle surfer.



Although its an interesting idea, its a not too subtle borrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack’s story about roping sea turtles.


Gord, thanks alote

killer-instinct, I can change the turtle if it makes the painting too “Jacky”, a dolphin perhaps? or a squid?


ok, so I liked the sound of the squid idea, I might actually stick to it since it adds more strangness to the image,
what do u guys think? turtle or squid?