Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Al-Haitham Jassar


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Latest Update: Final Image: Squid-Surfing


Ok, it’s the first time i try myself at a CGChallenge, and this is my first very quick sketch. I will try out some different angles and/or ideas, what do you guys think of this one?


Here’s the same sketch in some color. I have some new cool ideas in my mind and will draw them later.



Well, this fish enjoys it’s holidays no matter where it was, or how filthy the place was…


Very good idea !! I llike the intent to call the attention of nature protection!
This kind a challenge is a good oportunity to make a very good use of image cominication.
Keep going !!


Hey Jassar!
Good to see you in this challenge! I liked your Leopard scene very much!
I’m sure this thread will be great too! Your both concepts are very good,
I think the first one with the “performance artist” will be a tough one, many
characters with lots of facial expressions, but hey, we have four months to
finish the contest!

Good luck!


Thanks guys

I have another idea and I will post it soon, then I will see which one is the best with your help!


Oh, and since the scene will be full of details, I’ve chose to do a 2D illustration :slight_smile: , probably with some 3D elements.


lol that dancer is great
have fun!


An alien species attack earth during the cave-men era, but after a long and bloody battle everyone gets crazy and the ones who lived take a group photograph.
Strange huh?


Haha,Ronfl, Ronfl!Very funny, that last one!That could be huge fun doing that pic!HAve fun mate!


OKMER, thanks man. I had a feeling you would like this final image, lol :scream:


nice start gasser :slight_smile:


Good to see you & nice start … the last one its soo funny… Good luck


yassein, griffinart, it’s great to have you here my friends :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to seeing your ideas and work.


Hehe Jassar, your last sketch with the aliens really made my day!
Keep up the good work!


Good luck :applause: :applause:


Man! these are some nice concepts,the first one made me lugh :slight_smile:

I don’t know which one you’re going to pick, but I believe you might need to work your compositions a bit, I’m not saying they’re bad, but I guess they could be more interesting.

gr8 work, keep it up :thumbsup:


Thank you all,

Sherif.Nagib, you are right bro, these are just very rough sketches and I will change almost everything when I choose the best idea. I’m currently fund of the third one the most, but I might come up with more ideas :rolleyes:



Hi Jassar!

No matter wich one you pick they’re all great and I know you’ll do them very well and funny! I’ll follow your thread! Be well and good luck!!!