Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


I really like this stuff! You are putting a lot of personality in these meshes! It’s almost
My mind works crazy sometimes, please forgive me, but In my shoes I would have given
him a bit of a chin, and perhaps more defined fingers with less meaty palm!
Love the texturing, the way Daddy described and of course lighting!
Hope to see him animated soon!
Keep up!


Here is the mole Shaded and Textured. I’m almost done with this character. I might do a bit more tweaking in the final stage.


Here are the mushrooms Shaded and Textured. I’m feeling lazy now so I didn’t bother to put different textures for each mushroom, I’ll do that later while doing the rigs (weird I know)… but heres what I have to show u all for now… more coming soon so stay tuned!


DaddyMack: Hey thanx for the comment buddy… about the solid rings around the eyes… mmm I thought about that, lets see I might bring them back, mayb that MIGHT make them look more interesting.

varma: Thank you for ur comment and suggestion buddy! I’m trying to keep the forms of the characters as simple as possible and because I’m gonna animate these I prefer to put more energy into bringing out the personality in the character then making them more detailed. But I really appriciate ur idea. thanks again!

I just noticed some problems with the updates I just made, Im very tired right now so I’ll fin them up later (sooner) but mean while I’ll be glad if you share your thoughts about thse updates.

Thank you all!


Nice nice nice !
I think it should be cool if you do a huge wallpaper with all these cute things !


they’re all looking really cool man, good work… waiting for more


again. crazy, bro. Good luck.


I understand your opinion about keeping simple shapes, and I absolutely agree! That’s a
terrific Idea!
love those mushrooms, and again, the cute expression in their faces!
You’re doing a great job!


Please, at the end of this challenge try to make a 3D physical model of one or more of your characters. It would be great!


I love the mole - so utterly cute and I really like how you made his nosey stripy :slight_smile: So cool! Keep it up :bounce:

oh and let me add that I think I’ve watched your polkarella test a zillion times - love how the umbrella opens at the end LOL… can’t wait to see more animation:buttrock:


It is time for you to start working for the toy industry! Fantastic!


some good stuff here. Very nice renders :slight_smile:


I think you’ve done an amazing job with your characters, each one has there own individual charms but they are linked together so well with the style and textureing. Fantastic.


gpepper: Thanx man… yeah good idea gotta do that!:scream:

Versiden: Thank you mate!

tinysabya: Hey thanx bro, appriciate that.

varma: Glad you liked them mate… always a pleasure to have u drop by.

medunecer: hehe, yeah sure man I’ll try that out… prob is sculpting materials r hard to find here… but then, i’ll giv it a try with normal clay :smiley: thanx for the idea…:thumbsup:

Intervain: lol thanx dude!.. trying to get the most from the less here… wish I could spend more time on this project, but job keeps me away… but I really appriciate that you like my work! :bounce:

npantic: hehe… that wud be cool!:applause:

pierzak: :smiley: sanx man!

handlebar: Hey glad u liked them… yeah the idea was to create different characters while keeping a stedy style… hope I’m on the right track… thanx for dropping by man!

Thank you all for your warm support… it really keeps me going with this project… hope i can finish this!.. I just rigged the flower, another 4 characters to go and then I’ll probobly start the animation very soon (as soon as possible that is)… Updating in 5…4…3…2…1…


here is the shaded, textured and rigged flower… I’ll try to post an animation test if i have the time…

you know the drill… :smiley:


Gorgeous as ever Z! The flower seems to be very bright in comparison to your other characters though… could steal the scene a little…


hey daddy! thanx!.. yeah I know shes looking pretty bright there… thats just for that image, in the final animation I’ll blend her more to the enveronment.


cool flower!..that expresion is so fun…nice style!:thumbsup:


Very nice characterdesigns!

Cool thread btw, did the whole read. I will be following this thread.



excellent flower. When will we have a complete scene ??