Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


great animation test - really like how the skirt is moving :slight_smile: SO much character in the little thing :bounce: I can’t wait to see more!


great animation!!
I love the colors,style,animation… etc…

you want to marry with me???
sincerely, you have a unique style.


DaddyMack: Thanx mate… yeah I tried out couple of different stuff in that rig… thanx for the comment.

thebest: Thanks for the words mate!

gpepper: hehe thanx, still learning and have a long way to go.

pierzak: Thank you buddy!

Intervain: Thank you so much. That is very encouraging!

infoarq: wow what a wow lol… thanx for the nice comment! mmmm well I wudnt mind if ur a girl cus i’m a guy hehe.


Awesome animation! I had to watch it several times to enjoy all elaborate movements!
Cool be great with some FX sounds!



I watched this animation few thousand times :slight_smile: It’s awesome! My only idea about this is one small thing: Adding a morph (blendshape or what :slight_smile: ) to the chest? Right now head is cool, bottom is cool, cap also with those gentle movements. But the body works just as a simple connection as a spline. It can also play the role if you play something like breathing. If he is scared he should take a deep breath for example. Or like a huge visible heart beat. Whatya think mate? Hope it’s a good idea and helps to make the already high quality work to be unbeatable :slight_smile:




I like it i like it,

so good , Fantastic story boarding sketch…
I am watching your page daily, keep going.



varma: hehe thanx buddy, that means a lot to me!

Tremoside: Thanx so much for a gr8 review… For your information the rig do have a control for the breathing… I just didnt animate it cause the time after the take was so short and I didnt want to lenghtn it even more… but I’ll definitly put some breathing action in the final animations. Thank you again for the nice comment. Ur work is looking good btw… keep up the good works, I’m loving this show!

pixelpiyan: Thank you a lot for the support… it gives me new inspiration to work harder!..

Thank you all again for the commens… it always motivates me!


Here is the modeling for the Mole character. Thats it, I’m done with all the characters… Now I can start the shading process on all the characters and also do the rigging.

I would love to hear your say on this.

P.S. This model is not textured of shaded yet. The marks on its body was done is Photoshop. I’ll do the shading/texturing on this very soon.


i only said…



another cool character…i like your style!..keep going:thumbsup:


hey bro, GREAT. I can’t wait to see more.cheers.


Mole is my favourite! All your characters are fanteastic, especially Plokarella, but the mole is awesome! Then, I’ve just seen your storyboard and I have to say that it’s really clear and well done. Great job!


Your art is joy for eyes, so optimistic, little bit wierd, like kids play! Like we see some strange but lovely toys in action! Looking forfard for more! :thumbsup:


moley moley…


you make me regret i didn’t go fully cartoon-style on my entry… love the simplicity, orginality and colors of the characters. you… rock…


This is going to be so nice ! These little characters are so lovely !
Should be great !


Another cute and funny creature! Cool!
I like the innocence and playful look in his face! Looks like he’s dazzled by something!
Great lighting, btw!


infoarq: Hey thanx man… I love ur works too!.

melkao: Thanxk buddy…

tinysabya: Gr8 thanx!

medunecer: Thanks buddy that mean a lot to me!

npantic: Thanx man… I wen to a very simple style because of my job. I wound have much time to spend on this project… so by simplyfying the character I just might finish this one.

Versiden: Yaaaay!

fellah: Hey ur back! awesome to see u again… thanx for the comments and u dont need to regret at all ur style is awesome and ur doing gr8 on ur project!!..

gpepper: Thanks buddy… thats very nice of u!

varma: Thanks for the comment buddy… much appriciated!

Thanx all you guys. Right now I’m working on the UVs and Textures/Shaders for the characters. I’ll try to post an update soon. The updates are a bit slow cause I’m working on another short film project for the company I work for. Thanks again!


Here is the bunny all shaded and textured…

C&C would be nice…!


Wow Z! I really like the measured use of color here, the way you’ve blended the shell pink into the ears etc. I liked the darker edgier rings around the eyes more than the blended ones on this character. They are stylemarkers in this piece for me and really contribute to the overall cheekyness you’re evolving