Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


yeah! you made it !dude congratulations ! your work is awesome as I told before ! good job!


Congrats pal, you deserve it. Too bad they had to judge the silent version.


congratulation Zubuyer.:thumbsup:


congrats man, this is really wicked, very well done and I love your style; somehow cute but strange at the same time
now that you have the models I hope to see some more episodes^^
adding the sound was a good idea, the music fits fantastic and adds alot of atmosphere!
definately well deserved, cheers


hey [size=2]POLKARELLA [/size]…congratulations…i knew that…someday i will win!


HOLY NOODLES!! The results are out? I’m really honored! Thanks goes to every one here!

Mibus: Hey thanks man. I was kinda hoping atleast in the final entry it will be with the sound. So my wish came true… Thank you so much again!

Versiden: hey thanks bro! CONGRATS to u too! U did an amazing job… seems like our hard works paid off lol. Cheerz!

gpepper: Hey thanks man, you too! And also thanks for cheering me up in this thread.

Gunilla: hehe Thanks girl! I’m really glad!

monsitj: Yaay thanks brother!!

Logios: Yeah but o well lord Mibus added the sound version in the entry list so its all good. But yeah wud have been nice to be judged with the sound, but o well u cant really fight the nature. Thanks for the post bro!!

fx81: Hey thanks!

guterrez: Thanks buddy… Yeah mayb some day I’ll pick up these characters to do soemthing with em.

melkao: Thanks buddy! I’m sure you will… all u need to do it keep at it. hardwork always pays off.


Nicely done! You definitely have some strange characters there and it really has a flavor. Good to see both you and Versiden get recognized for your hard work! :slight_smile:


really well desearved mate keep us amazed mate with ur great work :thumbsup:


All I have to say Z! is :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

Respect! for all your hard work on this mate… Congratulations


A very cute story and very well told. This animation has some great elements to it and is well worthy of the prizes! I know how hard it is to put together an animation all by yourself, so kudos to you for the success you had with it! Great stuff!


Congratulitions! Nice characters, great for kids! Did you thought about animated series ?


Hey Zubuyer ,

Congrats on the great image and your prize, you did an excellent job:thumbsup: :thumbsup: .



I like it very much!
Love the style of design, story is funny and the animation is well done!

P.S. Thx for xvid version!


Congrats, the light and colours are just beautiful.


Congrats zubuluyer for the most creative netry on the challenge.


Congratulations. Well done. I was folowing your thread for a long time, Nicely done.


Beautiful work, congratulations on a job well done. Love the style, hope to see more. :thumbsup:



Well Done… And I Haven´t Words For Your Work… (i Said A Lot)

now you can put your characters on t-shit, cups,etc… ( i love then)
do you know

thanks fot give me a bit of inpiration.


wow thanks so much for your comments… this really brings joy to my life![b]

Sandpiper: [/b]Thank you very much buddy! Yeah it feels nice to get appriciation for the hard works.

thebest: Wow thanks… yeah I’ll try my best.

DaddyMack: awww thanks mate… I have special respect for u buddy… Thanks for cheering me up all the time!!.. will c u around!

rumour_nz: Hey thanks man! I feel honored.

npantic: Thanks man… Yeah mayb some day I’ll do some episodes with these characters.

mmoir: Thank you!

_Kalais: Thanks buddy… I’m really happy!

ania: Thank you!

authentic: wow thats a really big complement for me! and let me say you did a fantastic job as well!

pierzak: Thank you!

riki: Hope to keep on working mate… thank you!

infoarq: hehehe thanks man… yeah i’ll keep that in mind! btw I loved ur entry… was a bit dissepointed not to see ur entry in he special catagory prize list. but not to worry u got urself a really fine finished project.


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