Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


mirrors please


[.Q.], melkao, coolkonrad: Thank you guys so much!.. I’m really glad that you liked this project.

Intervain, TheNeverman: Damn! sorry for the blackout guys. I contacted my web guy to fix this problem. Hopefully my sie will be online soon… like within tonight (as I heard). And I dont have any place to upload it. If anyone gives me 45mb of space that would be super cool.

Thanks again guys!




WOW thanks D! I owe u one!


realy great job, lovely animation and the style is realy great. i’m not to sure about te sound effects but thats maybe because the first time i saw it it was without sound and i just thought it would be diverent… but the music and the low voice off the main character work realy well

but excellent work, i’m glad that you finished it!


BRILLIANT. The sound effects and the begin/end tune go really well with the animation. Though, I think you should have a look (lol) at the the sound effects you hear at 0:14 sec and 1:11 sec. They are a bit ‘too’ much … it’s like they’re not really nescesary because the animation sais it all. Oh well, that’s just my opinion.
The overall animation looks and ‘feels’ really professional. You did a fantastic job, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d win this challenge ^^


If you need a “french” server, I’m here ?!


akuma1985: Thanks man… I didnt get to design any sound for this… I collected some free cartoony sound and placed where I thought would be funny. And the guy who helped me out wasnt a real sound designer too. And on top of that there was this time issue… anyways this is my first finished animation work… hope o do better next time. Thanks again!

Logios: Lol yeah… we used really cheap mathods to do the sounds and music u see. I hope my next work wont be this crappy, experience helps u grow hehe. Thanks for your optimism, but theres so many good entries this time its really hard to tell and I havent finish it with sound and music so u never know.

gpepper: Thanks for the mirror bro… really appriciate it!


I watched again your entry and it is amazing good ! The sound gives so much to it !
Excellent ! You took advantage to add some other shots and refine others or am I dreaming ?


gpepper: hehe thanks man… yeah I added one more shot of the black cloud. Nothing else… oh, and refined the ending credits. thats it. Yeah sound adds a lot to visuals. Wish I could have submitted it with the sound. Oh well…:beer: cheerz!!


Hey Overcontrast,

Super job on the animation, excellent job on the character animation and the style of the animation is great. Sorry for not posting or looking in during the challenge but it looks like you produced another great piece. Good luck with this.


fantastic! I love this - though I have to say I was a tad surpirsed to hear Polkarella`s voice - I think I was expecting a shrill one and there goes this baritone LOL… still overall great job… I simply love the moment when he turns to look at the animals around him and you get the shot of the bunny scratching himself - too funny!


very cool, very cool and very cool :smiley:

good luck to your artwork!:thumbsup:


great piece! I can’t beleive you’ve completed so much hi quality finished work by yourself… Great style, colors, designs, and animation… pheww, so much work!

best of luck in the judging system


oh god! I can’t enter this time , so , just look around , but after I saw your entry , my jaw drop on the ground , … man , u did a very great job! very nice , I like it , I really like it,
good luck dude , :applause::applause:


I’m about to upload an FLV based on the xvid so the final with sound appears on the challenge page, not just buried in the thread.


This is the post-challenge-finish render, which includes sound.

Play Video >>


Wow man, congratulations!! u seriously kicked ass! didn’t know they’d release the results already!


Congratulations Zubuyer ! You did a great job, again !


Big congrats to you - this entry rocks:thumbsup: