Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


It’s great! The colors and character design is awesome, and very original.

Good luck!:thumbsup:



aaahhh… I love the sound of my butt getting kicked in the morning…

Congratulations Z! You took this piece beyond beyond in all aspects:bowdown:

Well polished mate… only question is my sith lord, are you the master or the excellent?



Congratulations Zubuyer!!!:thumbsup:
Excellent final… I really enjoyed it!


Congratulations Zubuyer!!!
Excellent final… I really enjoyed it:thumbsup:


I was just about to say that I didn’t hear the sound when I saw a comment about that there is none.
Great job though, love your compositions and colors. And Pumparella himself is a great character :slight_smile:
I too uploaded a couple of minutes before deadline, I think just before or after you from what I remember :wink:
Well, a different world now after deadline.
Again, nice to see you final animation!


That was great man! good job! the character designs are super cool :slight_smile:


Man, this turned out REALLY nice. Great animation, great design, great emotion. Great overall. All the best in the final judging! I’m positive you’ll be one of the few main contenders in this one. Jesse


tnads: Thank you.

DaddyMack: hehe man wish I could finish it the way I wanted to… I could if I get to work the whole night… but guess u can never fight with nature. This time theres so many good entries, I mean I vever saw this much quality work in any contest… so u never know. Thanx fo the post man… its really an honer to get to do this with so many talented artists like yourself.

Maxter: I’m glad that u enjoyed it. Thanks.

dubbilan: Thanks man… yeah the last few minutes were intense… in a way I’m glad its over now…

mv: Thanks man… its an honor to hear that from a talented artist like u.

Sandpiper: Thanks that mean a lot to me. All the best to u too… u did a great job yourself!


Simply stunning!
Looking forward to see it with sound :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Hey Zubuyer! Congratulations! You’ve finished an absolutely fantastic piece! I’ve watched it again and again. All character designs, modelings, the story and more are all a comman. Everything fits together very well and the animation is stunning! There’s so much effort and I wish you’ll be awarded for this cheerful animation. Best wishes! Cheers!


This is sooo cute Zubuyer–I hope you’ll continue to finish the sound. The animation is well done and your characters are just adorable! Congratulations and best of luck!



so far the story and the contents, characters are awesome…

i love the lighting and ur vision of the environment with the characters…

itz simply gr8… w8ing 4 ur sound man… post d whole thing asap… :wink:

gud luk man…

n take care…



Oh looks fantastic!!! beautiful colours and great characters - now for the sound :smiley:


coolkonrad: Thanks buddy… u dont have to wait anymore. I’m uploading it right now.

ashiataka: Thank you. Yeah I worked pretty hard to finish this dispite of all the setbacks. I hope it turned out okay. Thanks for your nice comment.

Kei-Acedera: Thank you so much. Yeah wish I had electricity the day of the deadline. But I’ve added the sound now and it will be public in a few minutes.

asif3D: Hey thanks asif. Ami ai matro final animation ta upload korsi. Hope u enjoy it.

Intervain: Thanks buddy, I’m really glad you liked it.


oppss double post… happening a lot these days



Hi Guys,
I finally finished this piece with sound and all. This is a bit updated version of the original upload. I Hope you enjoy it and would like to hear your thoughts on it.

[[b]DOWNLOAD SHORT FILM[/b]]( (45MB, Xvid Format)

MIRROR_01 provided by our all time favorite DaddyMack!!! Thanks bro!!
MIRROR_02 provided by the gient chicken lord Gpepper!! owe u big time!


great work… clean, and expressive as i sayd.

it`s been a while since i looked at work here… but knowing you this is defenetly one major improvement. Congrats!


hey my friend…thanks a lot for the avi version…i already download it!:thumbsup:


Brightened up my day! So cute and funny!


oh noes… bandwidth exceeded :frowning: