Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


15 hours ! We are still waiting for your final !





I have seen you animation. I like the style of the tree and clouds. I never have seen something like this. Perhaps somebody can think about Beetlejuice. But your style have the Burton magician with a delicious pie with cream and mills. Uhmm… It tastes good


I know you must be going nuts trying to finish this haha. good luck mate, I know the final will be worth it


The earth is not being fare to me… our country (BANGLADESH) is been hit by a haricane of catagory 4… theres been a lot of damage and power was out for the last 12-14 hours… i’m really davistated… i’m trying my best to finish this… but i’m not sure… i donno If i can Upload it. Thanks for all ur support… its just my damned luck


It was indeed a rain of fury here last night. A catagory 4 haricane knocked off the whole country. Power was out for more then 12 hours. I just wish if I cud have finished this.

So here is at least the final image. I’ll try till the last minute to upload the final animation.

I need a lot of luck now!


good luck man! its a brilliant short film regardless of whether you can get it in on time.


Software: After Effects,Maya

So here it is guys! Still sorry… this is without sound… thought I would upload soemthing first. If time permits i’ll upload the version with sound. thanx


This is a story about a jolly little umbrella creature called Polkarella. Strange thing is he is very afraid of the rain. One fine afternoon he decides to take a hop around the green hilly forest. There he meets many interesting creatures but suddenly the sky turns dark and furious. Our little Polkarella gets very scared and finds himself in a very embarrassing situation. Although it was quite amusing for the little creatures he met.

Play Video >>


this is a trip, for sure. some serious strange behavior. awesome character design.


I N C R E I B L E …


excellent Zubuyer ! The last one I was waiting for !

Great story, great render, great animation, great design.
A great entry !


I was wainting for your thread. I’m not desapointed. Great job. Love the colors. :thumbsup:


Incredibly rendered, pretty funny… It´s already great but sound will bring it even higher for sure. Good job and good luck mate!


It’s great! Nice details in movements, fine colors. :thumbsup: Best luck!


awesome finish, it was worth the wait
the colors and character design is top notch man, u should be very proud Zubuyer.
congrats on the finish, this is one of my fav entries for sure!!


yeah you finished, very nice :slight_smile:

i love the mood and atmosphere, and its beautifuly rendered.
but i don’t get a sound, as it says in the end there should be ?!? all other entries work fine with musics and stuff…

all the best to you …


Fantastyc world stylization, and character design!
Perfect short movie.
good luck!


Fantastyc world stylization, and character design, everything is good!
Perfect short movie.
good luck!


nice and weird!..i like it a lot…is an style very original. and i want to add this one to my collection, so, can i get a copy of your animation?:thumbsup:


The electricity came over just a few minutes ago. It was gone since last night due to the haricane. I went to my office in the morning to finish the animation and upload it. It was only 12 minutes before the deadline that I uploaded the animation. Wish I had the sound ready by then. Anyways I’ll upload another version with better quality image with sound very soon.

r1-381: Thanks buddy! :thumbsup:

infoarq: hehe thank you my good friend!

gpepper: Thanks man… I believe i’m the last one to submit the final renders. What a day!

authentic: I’m glad to hear that man! Thanks a lot

Oweron: I know the sound would be much nicer, but just couldnt make it with the sound and music. I uploaded the animation right after it came out of After Effects so didnt had the time to put in the sound althought it was pretty much done. Thanks for your kind comment!

Tremoside: Thank you!

Versiden: Thanks buddy, not as proud as i could be… but I tried. You did an amazing job with ur entry too! may the force be with u!

syrez-one: Thanks man… actually theres no sound there. My friend worked on it but didnt had the time to put it with the final animation. But I’ll put that up soon so stay tuned!

melkao: Sure buddy… I’ll upload a better version very soon. Thanks for the post!

Thank you all so much!! I didnt even get to thank you all in the final credit… I wouldnt have done it without all your support! So thank you all once again!