Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Man I love this!
Beautiful colors and awesome design! :applause: :applause: :applause:


coolkonrad: I hope so buddy… but I’m optimistic at the moment, cause most of the rendering is done except for one bloody shot that i havent animated and rendered yet. But hopefully will be done with it by today… rendering shouldn’t take that long though i’m rendering all my shots in HD.

Versiden: Thanx buddy. Yeah rendering can be a pain. Planning all the shots helped me a lot and I love maya’s command-line rendering it help me use every minutes of the day. But there are so many shots my fear was if i can ever render all the frames in time. . But lets see what happens. Good luck with ur piece man, its looking real good!

Goro: Thank you, I’m very happy you liked it. P.S. Love your works!

Thinking about the animation and staring at the render log. some1 slap me


Hey Zubuyer, This piece will be stunning when it’s finished. The last animation shows that. Colors are very good for your concept. I look forward to see the full animation impatiently! Good luck!


Thanks for the kind comment at my thread. Hope your things goes well! :thumbsup: Hold your head up! :bounce: I love this work!


Hi Zubuyer! I wanted to write one more time after your last animation.It’s absolutely stunning. The trees for the matte painting are georgeus and a superb idea. You’ve fixed the 2d and 3d so well. Agility and smoothness are both very well done. You have a good observation. You’re my best! You must be one of the winners! Best wishes for you to finish this hilarius, stunning piece.
Good luck! Cheers!


ashiataka: Hey thats so much for you nice comment. That really motivates me to push this work forward. Having a bit difficulty with time issue here… but hope to overcome it. Thanks again mate… wish ya all the best too!

Tremoside: Thanks and hey your welcome! One of my three PC crashed, it wont start. And it went with the last shot I was working on. But thanks to my panic disition I recovered the data from the hard drive and transfered it to my main Machine… its all goin okay for the tme being… I’m walking on string now… still loads of compositing and sound editing needs to be dome… Although I have a freind whos helping me with the sound… I would have done that myself but dont have the time… need to finish up the visuals first… Thanks for dropping by buddy, I appriciate that.


looks like these 2 weeks came like a miracle for most of us :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad that you won’t have to stress your final together now. but don’t let that get you lazy! which is easily done with an extension like this :wink:


HOLY CHEMICAL X!! 2 more weeks… i’m on the 11th cloud!! wow never thpught this treat would come… but i’m blessed… now i can do what I didnt had the time to do… this is awesome!

fellah: now theres no excuse for you… finish your entry!!


wooooooo x2 weeks moooooreeeeee…

i can´t wait your anim… (now i can put more scenes…)


gr8 work man!
love the lighting and the translucent look.


2 more weeks man… w00t!!


so looking forward to the final version after seeing this render! FINGERS and TOES crossed that you finish in time :):bounce:


Just dropping in to say WOW :wink: Love the style, colours and render. Congrats mate, along with the great animation I know this is going to be a great piece. Yay for the extension :wink:


infoarq: Yeah more time more headache. Your entry turned out really well buddy!

e-moo: Thanks mate.

Versiden: :bounce:

Intervain: Hey thanks a lot man!.. Well I could have finished with in the original deadline but that would leave this piece with a lot of unsatisfaction. So this time I’m taking it easy and fixing those problem areas and hopefully will be able to finish buy the new deadline. Still a lot of compositing left. Wish me luck!

Trickz: Yay for the extension indeed… thanks for the post mate! all the best to u!


count me in with Intervain! :bounce: my fav entry! :love: everything rocks! the colour … the mood … the style most importantly! can’t wait to see the final man! :eek:
go go go my friend! :applause: good luck to u!:thumbsup:


I like your models. The only thing I am not sure is the idea for the story. How exactly is that strange behaviour?? Apart form that I think you have some good lightning and modelling skills.


just dropping by to say you have some winning material here. great colors and animation. go Bangladesh! :thumbsup:


nwiz25: wow thanx man… that really is a motivation boost… i’m honored.

pierzak: An umbrella scared of the rain, I dont know if thats strange to all but it sure is strange to me. Thanks for dropping by.

fx81: Hey Mishu thanks for the post mate. Apne to edaning fatay kaaj kortesen. Apnar recent kaj deikha to amar matha kharap hoye gese. Apne onek talented artist!.. amra shobai gorbito. rock on!


i really love this animated artwork u did! :thumbsup:


This is so cute and funny! Very joyful piece! The color, light, the character and objects are really well done. Good luck!