Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Wow! Seeing your characters come alive is wonderful. This is looking fantastic! :thumbsup:


This is realy coming to life, fantastic to see your characters in motion.


Hey Zubuyer, you’ve done an absolutely fantastic piece. Your characters, models, progress and the animations are all superb to be amazed. You’re one of my best! Keep up this hilarious, cheerful work. Cheers!


Nice work!! Cant wait to see more!!:slight_smile:

by the way, may I know how do you uploaded your wip video?? thanks…:slight_smile:


hey man how its going? its been along time since I’ve been on here… so i love your progress…



awesome stuff dude


This is awesome!! Amazing, such a pity I haven’t catched up before. Great idea and truly lovely characters…:thumbsup:


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

Hi Guys,

yeah I’m alive. SOrry for not showing up all this time. I was real busy with job and animation of this piece. I’m still way far from finish. Still need to animate another two shots. At the same time I’m rendering and compositing shots that are done. So this is one heck of a multitasking job.

Anyways here is the first shot of my film, all lit and composited. I’ll tweak it a little and call it done… I’ll just apply the same thing to the rest of the film. Please give me your opinion. And wish me luck… got 5 days and 15 shots to render

Play Video >>


just beautiful Z!.. really, a memorable style and outcome… can’t wait to see more

multitasking on this end too;)


This is awesome!!:thumbsup:


mdavid: Thanks so much man… i’m glad u like it.

handlebar: Thanks buddy!

ashiataka: Thanks man… that means a lot to me… espacially comming from an artist like you. I’m honored.

alvin-cgi: Thanks buddy. Sorry for not replying soon… but u can find instructions in the submission page. Look in the lower part for the link.

Wayne jermaine: He how u been man… nice of u to join us again…thanks for the comment. Go finish ur entry i wanna see it done!:bounce:

harachte: Thanks man… appriciate it.

DaddyMack: Thank you my good friend… i cant wait to finish some more… hehe

tnads: yay thanx.


ooops!! double post


The cartoon style is freat…the most beautiful thing…the animation looks very nice!:thumbsup:


I really like the style. Good luck.


pretty pretty pretty…

i say again: i love these colors…


Perfect Quality! Nice colors, sensitive relations between them! Just as cool as your characters are! Keep it up! This work is one of the bests here! You have to finish it just as you planned! :buttrock: :bounce: Thanks for the inspiring update :thumbsup:


Excellent, one of my favourite ! The render quality is amazing ! Great things to learn about you and your work !


melkao: Thank you buddy… I’m trying to make is as better as i can in this very little time i got. Wish me luck… and of course all the best with ur entry.

markdc: Thanks.

infoarq: hehe, thanx man.

Thanks buddy, I’m glad you hink its inspiring. I’m working hard here to finish this piece… its gonna be a close cut if not at all. See ya at the finish line.

gpepper: Thanks buddy. I am learning a LOT doing this and I’ll share it all with everybody right after i finish this. Good luck with ur piece mate!:thumbsup:

One shot to animate another 11 shots to render. Luck is all I need here.


You can make it, looks REALLY nice!


looking awesome man!
hope u finish… im struggling with renders too … ;((