Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Pwned Z! the render is lovely

I’m not a fan of the opening of the shot tho… Zoom, stop, char enter… Maybe a shorter distance, slower zoom that rides thru all the way to just before the Ecu shot?

Force be with!


That’s really excellent. Lovely. The picture is cool and the animation, well nothing to crit about it. Simple and efficient.
If we have to find something to crit, I would say that on your picture, your main character, doesn’t realy seem ro be inthe grass. He seems more a little up he grass.


Great style man, and lovely render may I add. I can’t find anything to crit in that beautiful shot. animation: when polkarella makes its first turn, you could open up the umbrella a bit like a skirt does. other than that, I’d say it’s great, I’d move on to other shots since you have a lot of them to do. Best of luck to you buddy, hope you can finish this delicious piece on time!



[/b]Hi Guys,

Battling with time here. I had a go at the second shot. Tell me what you think.


haha that’s great, nice timing! Is that a soft body on the entire character? That’s a really nice touch.


It seems that animation will be cool as the modeling/texturing… Everything seems fine! :thumbsup:


DaddyMack: hey daddy, yeah I think your’re right about the camera animation… I tried ur suggestion and it looks better now… thanks so much for ur imput.

authentic: Hey thanks buddy… yeah I think Polka is a bit hovering… but I fixed now.:thumbsup:

Jeffparadox: Thanks for the comment buddy… I’m just trying to finish all the shots now… I have no idea if i’ll ever get to finish this but I’ll sure try my best.

Trickz: Thanks for commenting man… and Nope theres no soft body for the character. Everything is done using treditional keyfreme animation. I’m not using any secondary animation techniques like Dinamics or jiggle for any of the characters, all are hand animated. Thanks again!:thumbsup:


This stuff is really beautiful. I especially love your trees. I can’t crit this work :thumbsup:


hey Zubuyer

ye, time is running out… I think choose the shots that u think u want to spend more time on and polish, and maybe after the challenge go back and fix it properly…
the shot is looking good, the timing is good ;p

just a few comments if u have the time.

  1. try having the character dip a little bit more before moving to eat the cherry (around frame 20). The head is dipping slightly, but play around with exaggerating it a little more, maybe even the chest moves slightly down
  2. right arm/hand, have it move in more of an arc between 24-29
  3. frame 42, have a slight mini anticipation on top of the anticipation u have… so it’s the anticipation for the main anticipation.

yeh… good luck man, hope to see u finish, this is one of my favourites!


Software: Maya

Here is the latest animation WIP. C&C will be very welcome

Play Video >>


Weeee!!! Great to see some solid progress from your side of the screen… You and V! are pwning this challenge mate… Chase you to the end I will;)

Keep the fun coming Z!


oooh ya !
clean stuff Zubuyer !


Nice movment and the characters are very good. My next personal project when this challange is over, is to learn to Rig a character, then animate and do stuff. See you in ten years :slight_smile:



i watched this one while i was at work. pretty cool characters. has a surreal feel to it, for some reason. i like it. what kinda of sound are you going to use?


Versiden: Hey thats so much for ur suggestions buddy. The deadline is so tight even if I see the flaws it becomes difficult to tweak. I still have to finish aout 10 more shots and render them and composit them… daynm! anyways thanx buddy, I did try to fix a couple of things in the animation.

DaddyMack: hehe thanx buddy… its always nice to have u cheer me up.

gpepper: Thanks mate.:thumbsup:

coolkonrad: Thanks and best of luck with ur next project… i’m sure ur gonna do just gr8!

r1-381: Thanks buddy. Yeah I did wanted to keep a feeling of surrealism in this piece. About the sound theres gonna be a lotta cartoony shooshes and poing-poing sounds. A friend of mine is gonna help me out with the music. I would do it myself but the time constraint is a bit too much. I’m thinking about total cartoony sound with this. Main instruments should be Acordien, xylophone and trumpets. But lets see what goes well with this one.


your renders are spectabulous! :thumbsup:


(this is a copy paste text of Martin seen, but i can aplicate it for your work too. isn´t a joke…)

i love your style and your cool colors…

i think too. your work it´s one of he best…
simply when i was on class i used internet to see examples of people…
some works are increible and help me to explain and motivate my students… ( course of 3dmax).
and belive me this work are fantastic. high level… congratulations.!!
where put the 3dboxx???..

in my case admire a lot to these people who make these work!!.
some time ago. i work on arquitecture for some companies. (need money for my family… have twins cost a lot of money). My work on training center it´s only for some months and need produce,produce and produce buildings… (class: 9:00 to 14:00 (autocad/3dsmax/photoshop/bla bla bla…) - play with childrens… client projects 23:00 to 5:00, 6:00, 8:00 … aaaaarg!!)
i haven´t time for investige on characters anim because this don´t give me work… I HOPE CAN ANIMATE IGUAL YOU IN A FUTURE… BELIVE ME… SIMPLY ARE INSPIRATION!!.

i now i will finish… because i can cry…

pd: my english are the same level of my character animation hahahahaha


hahah I love his expression when he realizes something’s amiss! cools stuff can’t wait to see it rendered!


Awww, how cute :love:

Wonderful stuff you are making here - sorry I haven’t followed it so well. Good luck for the final steps now!


ragdoll: Thats I really appriciate that!

infoarq: Hey thank you so much… It brings me joy to hear that from an artist like you. I love your work too… and i’m sure ur gonna kick my butt in chr animation real soon. Have fun with ur twins!:thumbsup:

Intervain: Hehe, yeah thanks mate… hopefully we’ll have some lit images soon… mayb next week.

Gunilla: Nice of you to drop by!.. thank you and wish ya all the best too!


Right now I’m still animating the shots. Having a hard time finishing them with desired quality. But i’m trying my best now. Hopfully will be done with animation in a couple of days and then will hit the render button. Most of the things are ready to render… I just now need to finish the animation. Wish me luck… this is gonna be real close… hope I meet the deadline.