Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


hey thats great!..i love the style…the ambient is just amazing dude! you did the grass?..looks very nice!:thumbsup:


hey melkao hows it goin mate… Thnaks for the comment. The grass was done using maya fur with a lot of tweaking and rendered with mentalray.


keep going dude :bounce:keep going dude :bounce: keep going dude :bounce:keep going dude :bounce:


that’s reallty excellent Zubuyer. I Love it. I got only one crit, the picture is too small :scream:


thebest: I’m going :bounce: I’m going :bounce: I’m going :bounce:

authentic: hehe thanks buddy… sorry for the low res file… i’ll post another hi-res as soon as i go home (i’m at work)





Hi Guys,

Been working the whole night on render RND and this animation previz. Finally got something to show you guys about the final animation. Please mind the sound track (yeah it got one, a very bad one) I did this with what ever resource i had in the middle of the night. Hope you’ll enjoy this.

and font forget to tell mw what you think.

Good night… I’ll get some sleep.


That’s a cool composite of the shots! Your stills from environment and about characters are very promising as i mentioned before. My thoughts were the following: (i’ve watched this short few times to check :).

Idea one:
Maybe some of the shots are slow a bit. it’s the laugh scene. The first laugh’s timing looks cool. I feel how the creatures holding back their laugh. It’s a bomb for sure, but after the first laugh camera changes look just few frames slower than neccessary. Dunno , just feel that. Probably more fast, almost still shots about Polkarella could make the action-reaction cleaner and more readable. It’s hard to say without a blocked out animation on each characters, but hope my opinion is helpful.

Idea two:
When Polkarella looks over the crowd a distorted camera lens should be exciting. A bit of barrel, or fishy. The difference between P. and them could be more weighted with that. They’re already funny. It’s just an extra to view them via a twisted cam.

Idea three:
For better understanding the situation of the raindrop:
It’s an important event/action. As P. browse the crew, their eyes should change look target from him to the sky. It will prepare viewers to an other action. A new shot of the sky with a tiny black cloud… just simple. After the sky/cloud shot P. can react. And then the drop. With this the happenin’ could be more concentrated I think. You already have a nice sky setup not too much to do if you like the idea.

Idea for:
probably not all the creatures should lagh directly on him. I mean… Usually in a group some of the audience turn away as they try to hide their act, as they laugh. Maybe one of them could be a shy one. They’re watching somenone’s… you know :slight_smile: Probably the flower creature. Or one of the younger mushroom change colour, blush red.

Ok, enough from me, i was just excited about this step from you. I don’t wanted to disturb just enjoyed to spend some time on the possibilities.



Good luck mate!
nice work :slight_smile:


looks cool to me.
The layout just gives an idea, I think that the final animations will help us to understand better !


nice animation dude waiting for the final :thumbsup:


Hi Zubuyer, The previz looks so well. Keep up this hilarious work. Cheers!


You’re welcome buddy :slight_smile:
Just saw the previz, looks funny in it’s very stop motion state :slight_smile:
I like the framing a lot… your use of cinematic aspect.
Is it 2.35 to 1?

Good luck!


Tremoside: Wow there! that was the biggest reply I had on this thread… thanks so much for taking much of ur time to write this. OKay so, abt the shots being slow… yeah I agree some shots might look slow cause there aint any animation it them. As far as i can tell from experience after animating shots they look, wats the word… ‘speedy’.
About the barrel cam… I’ll try that out :slight_smile:
About Idea3, well, I dont really wanna show the dark cloud btw, isted i’m gonna make the whole environment go darker and less saturated, and as u talked about the creatures looking up (the anticipation) actually polkarella does that so lets not repeat the action.
Finally the laughing scene… I want them all to be nasty cretures who laughs at ppl’s mysiries. I’ll make them laugh even harder… In the end shots might get changed depending on situations… and shot timing is also a variable that might change through outthe animation process… hope in the end it’ll be a funny thing to look at… thank you soo much for ur amazing ideas… keep em comming, they’re my inspiration. thanks again!

elnady: Thanks mate!

gpepper: yes I hope so… Tnx for dropping by buddy!

thebest: yeah me too… cheers!

ashiataka: Thanks buddy… P.S. love ur work

dubbilan: Thanks for the comment… not its not a standard aspect ratio… i made it up (I guess) its 2.25:1


very cool animation…it will look great and funny…if you keep the style you will get an amazing piece!:thumbsup:


heya Zubuyer, long time since i last stepped in here. but you still impress me with your cartoon skills. it is not often i see cartoon styles that appeals as much as this. nothing to comment at this stage… but I really hope you will finish, your chances of winning are big, IMO.


melkao: Thanx buddy… I’m gonna work real had (as hard as i can) to finish this piece.

fellah: daymn man! i dont need to win anything… that comment alone is good enough for me… Ur a great inspiration for me and I really appriciate your optimism… I’m gonna try as hard as i can to finish this in time… its not called a challange for noting… cheerz buddy! P.S. love ur project man!


Great work man!
Keep it up and good luck!



Hey people!

Here is the first animated shot. Its pretty much done, but I think it still needs some tweaking, but the time is my enemy here… i need to finish another 19 shots (aaAAAA!!)… So I need your help… tear thing thnig apart and give me your honest thoughts.


Here is another update on the final look of the lighting for the first shot.

I need your feedback to finalize it…