Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Very nice!


Hi man , everything looks awesome. The idea for the characters, modeling , rigging looks great.Keep up the good work :slight_smile: .


Hi guys!

Sorry for the long pause… I was busy with my job in the day and in the night I rigged the characters. Still one to go. I’ll be done with it soon and the start the animation process. I also worked on the background environment, I’ll keep updating that while I’m animating.

So here is the Shot planning for the animation. I like to keep the concept as clear as i can while animating and it helps to reduce experiment time (which i don’t have). I’ll post the first blocking as soon as possible (probably tomorrow of day after tomorrow).


melkao: Thanx buddy… i’m glad u liked it.

MVDB: Thank you man! that means a lot to me.

authentic: Very soon buddy… I’m summming up the visual elements rite now, I’ll post a full scene image as soon as i can.

varma: :slight_smile:

TMNIVISION: Thanks buddy!


The sound of a professional work !


More than enough to keep you busy there mate;) Good luck running the home stretch


70 hours of render ? Thats a lot for 640x480! But then again, maybe not :slight_smile: . Good luck!


Hey you are planning this very well…i saw your shot plannig…and it looks pretty nice…keep going!:thumbsup:


great planing dude,

very professional


great planing mate keep going …just a question…u estimate the time then the frames ? or vice versa ? I know it is silly question but wanted to know


that’s alot of shots… eek! I know u can do it! Looking fwd to the first animation block phase


gpepper: hehe… just trying to keep things in order.:slight_smile:

DaddyMack: U said it man… this **** is gonna **** me real bad! :deal::banghead:

npantic: Yeah, i tried to estimate a safe time… u never know the fall backs… I actually thouhgt about rendering it in a higher resolusion (like in HD) but I guess its gonna take way longer to render… so insted I’ll render the final cut in 720x360 and fit it in 640x40 for the final submission. Thanx for the post.

melkao: Thanks buddy I worked really hard with the colors for that chart. It was spacially difficult to seperate the two tones of color and make it look pretty also achiving the correct density for the black lines was very hard. I was confused about the font but I think I made a great choice. hahahaha just kidding man… thanx for the post!

Wayne jermaine: Thanks mate!

thebest: Hey hows it goin man… I first estimated the freme count then multeplied that with 3 (3 minutes for each freme)… but thats a rough estimate. It might take longer or shorter time. Thanx for dropping by!

Versiden: hehe yeah… now it seems like really a lot (y do I always come up with plans to kill me?) but I’ll try my best to finish…


I’m really tired now so I’ll goto sleep…


thanks for the info my friend :slight_smile:


Mate, we’re here to push you forward! Be ready for the punishment if you don’t finish with these :twisted: ehhe. Just a gentle warning :slight_smile: It’s gonna be a superior quality final am sure! Now back to work :wavey:

BTW render resolution? PAL? HD? or simple lower 4:3? Sorry if someone already asked before :slight_smile:


thebest: No problem mate.:slight_smile:

Tremoside: wow thats so much for that… ur my true buddy! I decided to keep the render time low, so I’m gonna render it in 720x320 and fit it in 640x480 as letterbox. If I render in HD or something like that I’m screwed hehe… thanks for inspiring me to work harder!:thumbsup:


Hi Guys!

Sorry for not updating for so long. Been really busy with a lot of things… anyways I’m still working on the project. I was doing some environment render test since last night. Here is a frame from that. Do give me your thoughts on it.

I also worked my way to finish half the animation layout. I’ll probably finish the rest by tonight. I’ll post an update as soon as possible.

Have fun!


Looks realy nice!

best to you!:thumbsup:


looks very nice, so warm and friendly


Very very nice :thumpsup:
The style is a bit like Tim Burton, but warmer and definitely your own.

It’s a matter of stylistic choice, but personally I think it would be nice with a couple, maybe just two, different cloud objects.
Great job though, can’t wait to see it animated! :slight_smile:


adib & ania: Thanx guys… glad u dropped by:thumbsup:

dubbilan: Hey thanx buddy. Glad you liked it. Yeah ur totally right about the clouds, they look alike (cause they are the same lol) I actually modeled a couple of varity cloud after posting this update. The final renders will definitly have different kinds of clouds. And about the animation… yeah working on it buddy… hope to show something soon. Thanks for dropping by.