Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Zubuyer Kaolin is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): Final + Sound


YEPPY I JOINED TOO!!.. its been so long since i joined the last challange… and this time the theme is soo beyound awesome that i just cudnt resist it… so here we go… good luck to all u guys, good thing is i see a lot of known faces so this gotta be one hell of a show!


When I saw the theme Strange Behavior I’ve been getting blur visioned by weird ideas… so here is one where toddlers teach baby babble to grown ups…


Great to see you here Zubuyer !
Concept looks cool !
Can’t wait to see it growing !
Cheers friend !


Hey buddyo… hows it goin… thanx and good luck to u too


hiya Zubuyer . yup funny concept! and yeah lets enjoy the challenge!


Nice idea, this is going to be funny. I spent hours on hours trying to think of an idea. Nothing even remotely close to this.


ihamid: thanx man… sure we will!

Kid-Mesh: Thanx… this theme is crazy… think of anything weird and that wud be a gr8 idea… the secret is think random and stitch them togather and u got urself a Strange Bevavior concept… good luck to u mate


Hey Zubuyer !!

Really happy to see you entered this one !
Have plenty of fun here , and best of luck mate.

A spiffy concept already , with your modeling skills , should be a real eye candy !
Can’t wait for the polys’ dance .

cheers ,



ah , welcome back my friend! first idea look good , wait for high detail work from you again, good luck and have fun dude!


This is great, gives me perspective on what I can do to improve my Idea! Thanks a million for a crit and I will be watching this thread!

I can’t wait to see more detailed concepts, the babies teaching is going to be hillarious!!



Great idea

lovely sketch style too.
love to see more



Hey, Your concept is awesome :slight_smile: Goodluck!


Here is the storyboard for my animation concept. Maybe later I’ll do more exploration on it…


Here is a few character concept i did today… I’ll post some more soon.


Hi there, good to see you here again!
Your idea is very funny, and the storyboard is great.
Good luck.


Zapan: Thanx buddy, good to c u again too… lets c where this thing ends up :smiley: sud be fun

Hey thanx for the warm welcome dude… i donno abt details this time, i’m goin for a rather cartoonish look so lets see how it turns out.

Hey no problem… thanx for ur comment btw, glad u liked it.

Thanx man.

Thank you.

Thanks, glad u liked it n good luck to u too.:thumbsup:

thank u all again for ur comments… i’ll do some more character exploration and post them as soon as i got them. Guess i’ll be conceptualizing this whole week and then start with the modleing…

c ya around… cheerz


LOL this one’s really funny… :slight_smile: Will be keeping an eye on it for sure :thumbsup:


hey, i think i went to that school!
fun stuff, looking foreard to more.


Excellents sketches and storyboard Zubuyer !