Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Wayne carnegie


Hello guys, check out this latest whip for the exterior. Just added some more garbage

As you can see Jim is stealing light from the apartment. haha!

I have so much stuff to get around to, such as the storyboard and animatic. I planed to get all that done this coming week.

Man all i have to say I love this challenge soo much


oops i post the wrong image


woo!! thanks everyone


Hello dudesss. Another Whip for the exterior establishing shot, it just shows what type of person is living there. in this case its Jim

Bran new week its gonna be great.I see tons of all nighters in the future hahaha


Hello guys, check out the interior of Jim’s apartment This is my second set. modeling is all finish for it.

Next I’ll be going back to working on the Rockstar,tweaking Rigs, texture, model. I don’t have any beauty shots yet so stay tuned:)


I think Oclussion render is beauty enough, well, so far!
I like the design of interior with messed rectangulars, like the door, and
espeically the tv, could be nice experience watching Simpsons on that
Keep up mon!


Lookin great man! Seems like you’re getting alot done…
but, is that a Nintendo on the floor? :thumbsup:


jajajaja…funny…thats a real rocke’rs house…a real miss…i can’t wait to see it texturized:twisted:…but a quiestion…do you will add some posters on the wall…and more objets? would be great!:thumbsup:


Hello once again. Guys I am having a bad hair day, please give me your suggestions on these two different hair whip.

the geometry on one of the hair style is kinda wack, I am having problems so I change it to more of a dread lockish style, but not quite.

anyways guys give me your thoughts on this one.Thank you very much:)


I’m a fan of the dreads mate… The long hair was cool but kinda non descript


The dreadlock looks really great! I love it! Maybe you just change the haircolor from
black to something lighter to show all the details you got there!
Keep going!


Sorry, Im not a fan of the dreads… they make him look like a little-girly-boy. It could be just the way they are styled. But right now they dont seem to fit his style. I would go back to the original hair, if the geometry is giving you trouble… try simplifying it and see what you could do with textures.



OH cool progress…this rocks dude!..i just love the character!:love:


Nice going mate!! Abt the hair the dreadlock rite now is looking good… but u might wanna do more explorations with it… but u can keep the dreadlock if u want… i dig the style… keep up the good works…


Hello guys its been soo long!! man you guys probably forgot about me. hahahah!

I am so busy with work,doing freelance work no time to play with you guys,but anyways I open up my files tonight and here is alook at Jim lite and textured.

My project has turned into a big one, maybe a short film, but I promise you guys i will post every thing i do. I might not finish in time but i promise some animation

nice to be back!!



ahem returns to slaving over pc at 4:49 am


i didn’t forget about you…i was wonderig about you last nigth:eek:. saying: “where is that dude that rocks”:buttrock:…and here are you againg…welcome back.:love:

and i know that work takes a lot of time, i only can work on my skimo only 2 hours at day, and i had to make it more simple…but anyway, i hope that you can finish at time.:thumbsup:


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