Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Wayne carnegie


Hey guys.It me again, here is my second scene.Basically this is after he took the pill and fall into a duzie:) , this set is like a God like rock stage that he is going to go and kick some aasset!!! … more stuff coming soon man stay tuned… give me some feedbacks:)


drawings are looking sweet man… i like the room design… and yes as darth said, make it messy …

keep up the good works mate:thumbsup:


Looks great man, but I think you could push the ‘rock god’ set more. Think more along the lines of a throne-on-top-of-a-mountain kinda feel. Like where would Zeus play if he wanted to rock out? Huge speakers behind him, lots of fire, thunder clouds, way above the crowd, and his name written really big in lights!


hey slangford … thanks man thats definatly the time of feel i wanna give… thanks


Hello guys I have got a few Questions.

(1) Is it ok to use License music?

I am planing on using KISS FORM A ROSE by seal.but its gonna be re done by a band at my school with a little more rock in it. Also planing on using some more license songs.

guys I have been working night and day on this project. I don’t feel comfy to post anything yet because everything is so all over the place.Hahaha ! I got to get organize

Is there anybody out there with some wicked guitar solos? please i need help!

stay tuned guys!!


Hello guys here is a model wip for the establishing shot,showing where Jim lives. I think this kinda fits well with the theme as well hahah.An old shack in the middle of two apartment building, rather unusual.

The camera pans towards the buildings and then into Jim’s room. I got lost more stuff to post. i am not organized yet

stay tuned for more!!


gr8 modleing on the set bro… love the design and style… keep goin!


nice one
I would add an open or broken gate to the fence.
add some lanterns.
the little building inside that gap looks really good.


NIce piece there! fun…htat tiny house between thos buildings…nice style!:thumbsup:


Hello guys, I put some more junk in jims yard. check it out


Interesting concept man. I love the model and the exterior looks great too! He looks like he’d be tons of fun to animate with.

Can’t wait to see it lit :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool! Your earlier post ("46) reminds me a lot of Grand theft auto!
Would love to see this animated!


I really like your style! Wery nice location.
What about an overfilled garbagecan and some powercables from his window to the block, maybe he’s “lending” power or something? And also using the powerlines to dry clothes?
If you put up some lights, the one outside his property shouldn’t work, or switch on and off.
Keep ut the good work! :slight_smile:


Hello ladies and gentle dudes, here is another whip of my exterior.

Modeling on the interior is also finish so, ill be posting that next.

man I am loosing so much sleep, but I am loving it. No more unfinished work for me I got to break that habit.


looking great mate:thumbsup: lol at sleepless because it gets me every time… The challenge seems so innocent at the start and then I get obsessed… You’re already in too deep not to finish this. Keep the killer updates coming Wayne:buttrock: and Rock on!


nice work man! keep rockin


hello guys here is my original concept for the exterio establishing shot. Just want you guys to see where its coming from to where it is now.

I want to ask you guys a question, I have so much stuff to model and layout so I was wondering if its possible for me to get a lending hand from a friend to help me layout and model a few props and stuff. I will give him full credit for what he help me with. let me know what you think, so I don’t go ahead and get disqualified.

please respond as soon as possible


thanks you guys.


Hmm… I couldn’t find anything in the rules about this but as far as I could tell it’s meant to be an individual category, that’s why they give the team option for the short film… Imagine if I have a small army of artists work on my project… that would give me an unfair advantage over all of my competition… I think you’re doing an awesome job here anyways mate and you’re way ahead of most of us already

Probably best to contact a forum leader if you want a real answer tho:shrug:


thanks daddy for the heads up. I think I was just getting scared about finishing on time . But your right, I 'm in good shape.

I will just carry on plucking away on this thing myself, Jim is doing fine I rigged the long hair so that it moves with him, so for now he is on pause.

I am taking a break this weekend, gonna go to the park and feed the birds and just relax with my girl.

evengi: thanks for you interesting request as you can see I added your wish and it does add some more character to the set.

thank you all. see you guys Monday:)