Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Wayne carnegie


hey guys… long hair or short hair?

i can’t decide. because with the short hair i could just animate it to jiggle a bit… but with the big hair . i can go all wild out… i am so scared of going all guitar hero look alike… guys give me opinion


I vote Long… If he’s gonna rock… he needs long hair :buttrock:


i’m agree, long hair…get wild mate! he will look like a heavy rocker!:buttrock:


another hand in the air for long

BTW you’re making this look easy… from the first sketch onward I knew this would be loads o fun… Congrats on a killer character and concept:thumbsup:


dude, this rocks :smiley: , and agree with the others long hair!!

don’t think he looks like the guitar hero guy, … as what i remember of screenshots

love the poses and proportions.


good man good for u


GUYZ . here are some blendshapes I am working on for the rock star. Then I am going to connect them to a GUI I have a lot of posting to do this weekend so stay tune.I will post some thumbnails of the story very soon… “i am soo excited and i just can’t hide it” … haaha


Nice job…the model progress is so cool…:thumbsup:

Congrats, good luck and keep going!


excellent blend shapes.
how about a nose flare? i’m thinking it will help achieve some of the gurning guitarists do when they get carried away


thank you guys for the response , I am motivated…I really can’t wait to get animating. but there is so many steps before that.

As for the Blendshapes slured1 … I got a few more to model out and I am trying to get a little more creative wit them… So the one you suggested might just be in there. thanks dude!!


I’ve got my popcorn and I’m settling in here… I can’t wait to see your story and watch it all unfold:curious:


hahaaha ! thanks daddy


So where’s the updates man? We’re all waiting… :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


hello guys check out my facial GUI. thats my latest wip… IOU guys soo much updates, sorry I just being spending some time with my girl friend, because she said all I ever do is maya… hahaha! the first time i mention maya to her she thought i was a girl…anyways enough my life story… more stuff coming soon!!




Hhhahha, it means MAX is for girls? :scream:

Nice progress mate! It’s gonna be amazing! :buttrock: :buttrock:

Like the character and the idea :slight_smile:


Nice rig work…i need a rigg like that!..hehehe…nice job!:twisted:


the GUI is lookin sweet man… m sure its gonna b fun animatin ur character…cant wait to c the dude dance silly… hehe… keep up the good works…


Hello guys here is the long awaited concept of my first set. I’ll post the other in a sec.

Guys this is jim’s room, he is really untidy, he has a poor wanna be a rock star life style.Jim lives in a basement,. His room tells the type of person he really is :slight_smile: give me some crits.More stuff coming soon and I already model half my props,so stay tuned!!!


Hi, This is all looking great, love your character and idea. It is all looking awesome. Also probably to late now but add another tick again to long hair. Hes a rocker!

The room is looking pretty good. Can you make it messier still. Just wondering if there could be more picures on the walls and maybe put somethings on angles. Not up straight. More bottles around the place, empty. Maybe a passed out friend under the couch. Poster on the back of he door? Anyway it is looking real nice. Keep up the great work.