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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): Creation of the Ultimate RockStar


wow I just could not miss out on this challenge, this one should be good … i am looking forward to meeting new friends and getting some good critic…I am now just working on gathering references for my concept sketches and then I will start posting stuff by thursday… wohooo!!! yeah!!

hey my name is wayne and my favorite movie lines for this year are… THIS IS SPARTA!! Auto bots roll out! and … I have a contract with the child…wohoo!!


The singing formula

Hello all, I am currently doing a lot of concept sketches for my story and will be posting them as soon as I can .The singing formula: CREATION OF THE ULTIMATE ROCK STAR.

The story is about a wanna-be rock star named Jim, who takes a mysterious singing pill, called the singing formula. He forgets to read the side effects which cause him to sing and dance strangely, Jim tries to stop the involuntary actions of his body, but no luck.

His voice and body goes through numerous strange changes such as Opera, Pop, Reggae and busting a move, except for rock which was the main reason he took the pill. Jim dances until he blacks out. When he woke he was happy. He thought it was a dream, but to his surprise, Jim saw the bottle of pills which he had taken and realized that it had been real. He picked up the bottle and read the side affects, which were all that he had just experienced. Jim laughed and laughed then all of a sudden got really sad as if to cry – which he did but his voice sounded like a baby crying, he gasped!, and quickly covered his mouth. Fade to black

                                                  The End


i need feed back… weah!! weah!!


nice drawings man… can tell ur full of energy…keep it up man and have a lotta fun… i like ur idea… :thumbsup:


Thats a great idea! It should be a awesome animation! :buttrock:
Your concept sketch are a fantastic start… but I think you could push it even farther. Look for references like The Misfits, Keith Richards, Slash, Ziggy Stardust, Johnny Rotten… those guys were about as rock as you could get and were some of the craziest characters in the genre. Keep it up… I would love to see how far you can take this!! :thumbsup:



thanks dude, I got all those reference that you recommended

I’ll be posting more stuff soon


I took the suggestion from Zubuyer Kaolin and searched for some more references , I am currently doing my final character sketches


here is a further look of my main character, next I’ll post some thumbnails for the set and also some props

I still haven’t got any feed back…:frowning:


hey thats a nightmare for a rocker…thats my nightmare!:sad:…ajajaja…really cool concepts.

he will dance like backstreet boy an sing like celine dion? no…poor of him…in my country the worst music is the reaggeton…thats ugly…the nightmare of all the rockers.:buttrock:…

the drawings looks cool…i will wait for 3d skeches!:thumbsup:


hey there, love your concept and art so far. the character is very strong, no worries there. I think its success will be made with the animation and voice acting.


Hello everyone I am currently modeling … so here are some stuff for you guys to u can see i am testing out my texturing as well… enjoy… and tell my anything that you guys think might work… heheh LETS ROCK!?


hello guys here i just tried out some texture on my rock star. these are not final. i am just testing stuff out… also i just put in some simple joints just for pose for you guys to see. i am currently doing some more modeling stay tune for more


Lookin cool. Only suggestion I would say is if you could make his hair move with the animation. It will come more alive, even just a little jiggle as if it were made of jello.


Looking very cool Wayne! I like the style. Keep pushing that line of action on your character. Give him some big swoops, arcs, and flows when you start animating. Also, I think your dude could use some huge hair…and you could animate that to help the rockstar thing as well. Don’t have to do fur, I’m talking about big geometry hair…just an idea!


I love the suggestion about the hair being big … and some movement to it and definitely geometry all the should be fun rigging that.


thanks man, its like ur reading my mind… i am definitely gonna use some killer arcs and exaggeration in my animation.

good luck to you guys … ill be checking out you guys stuff too and leaving my 2 cents


wow already in 3D!.. the character is looking nice bro! Good job with the clean modeling! I’m digging the poses. can tell this is gonna b fun!

keep up the good works mate!


Excellent style ! I love it !


Hey, I like the style of the character. Your drudging ahead man you’ve already got him rigged up and ready for animation. Keep on going dude!


thanks for the feed back guys excellent.