Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: vincent guibert


Congratulations!! Nice and clen, enjoy it:buttrock:


An excellent work done here! Design, render, etc is very fine and nicely realised.
Lot of congratulations for this thread, a big one. I wish you good luck by the way, and keep up the good work mate!
Am fond of your strange behavior’s spirit!



congrats Vincent! what you have created is a huge idea with lots of possibilities that could easily be developed and made into something we could see on tv ! :slight_smile: looking forward to see what your next creation will be.


wow…cool animation…is more funny that i though…nice job!:thumbsup:


Congrats on a great final Vincent, i loved the concept from the start, best of luck.


I liked especially style in which it was done - the care with which every element is placed, with measure! Great design! My favourite is Banker…!


Great work Vincent… I really like your style!
Congrats on finishing in time and good luck with judging:thumbsup:


WOw. Thanks for all replies everybody.

ashiataka : good to here that from you. I hope you’ll be reward for your great picture

overcontrast : I’m happy that my entry is appreciated by maybe the future winner of the category :scream: (for me, the 2 places are for you and martin sen but I don’t know in which order)

hiun, ania, alvin, Funkyboss, handlebar, maxter : thanks. Sincerly. I hope you have some pleasure watching it. I had to made it.

anders : Are you telling me you’re gonna develop it in your studio:scream:.? My next creation will be the birth of my little girl, so I think a little break for me I think. I hope you’ll finish your challenge if a person we know together doesn’t give you too much work.

melkao : it seems that you support me since my 1st post on cgtalk. Really appreciated.

I wsh you good luck for your own creations. This challenge was really cool, with an excellent subject. And don’t forget that everybody can have a lobster under his bed…


of course a did!..cause i love your thread…right now, your animation is in my collection of this challenge.

and i wish you luck with other place cause first one is mine…hehehehe:thumbsup:


ashiataka : good to here that from you. I hope you’ll be reward for your great picture

Thanks Vincent for your nice wish, I hope you will have too.
Well, bravo again! Best of luck! Cheers!


LOL! Amazing film! Love the characters!



Great job men!

I love it :thumbsup: , the charactes, environments, textures, animation, render, is all perfect:applause: .




o_O I completely missed your thread this time vincent!
It’s looking awesome buddy! Designs are fantastic as usual. Congrats on finishing!


haha - great idea! I love the style of camera work on the character introductions! :thumbsup:


I like your characters. They are well designed. Good idea with hiding their lips. It saves a lot of facial animation :slight_smile:


been watching this for a while … sorry for beeing the silent watcher but this was because I couldn`t find what to say :thumbsup: …hope to say congrats for the first prize soon:bounce:


Your animation is beautiful. Congratulations. It’s a delightful concept too. At the beginning I was wondering how you’d get the crustaceans to fit into a wild-west setting, but it all works beautifully and makes perfect sense! Good luck


You made one cool animation Vincent! All elements and mood is good. I would love to here some classy western movie music in background to frame it all. And crab ride at the end is way cool. Good luck with judging :thumbsup:


Great Vincet! Really funny. Congrats and good luck!


thx Oweron. You have the music on the high quality and non official movie (I didn’t put it on the final, because I don’t have the rights for the music). You can downloaded it here (it’s 45mo. Right click save as) :