Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: vincent guibert


This is coming along extremely well. I love it. Those little shells moving and opening are delightful


Just some encouragement from me here Mr Hair loser…

Go! Go! Go!

Loving every step you take here mate:thumbsup:


Software: XSI

Ok here’s what will the movie looks like. It needs just one more scene to put some credits.

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cool to finally see how it will look! :slight_smile:
i wish there was one more eye on the crab in the intro scene visible, i had problems figuring out what it was for a while.


Hi anders.
Yes shells are supposed to be money. At the start I wanted to made the slow motion longer to show us the sell falling into the bag. But I didn’t had the time (I go back to professionnal work), and I was not sure about camera move. I treid to make some piles like you can see on the previous post (with render) but it seems that I would need t make it smaller to have more. I’m not sure my computer will love that…
I’ll see what time left allow me to do. Thanks for comment.

Mdavid, daddymack, melkao, hiun… : thanks


very nice animation, it has a cool sequence…but maybe…i don;t know, just a though…changing the shot when he shows the lobster, to get a bigger surprise!..perhaps, first shot from his back and he aim the other character(we don’t see the lobster), then a front shot and camera bounces with zoom(now we see the lobster)…i don’t know if i am clear…but anyway, is just an idea.:twisted:


Hello there!
First I wish you good luck!
I’m pleased to see how well you worked on this project.
I find nothing interesting to crit right now but I will follow this thread as closely as I can.
Great work here, full of quality things!


I’m enjoying your progress Vincent, i love the overall feel of the piece, good luck with the final sprint.


Hey Vincent, You’ve done everything so well, watching your progress is great.
By the way thanks for your every visit and nice comments in my thread.
Also I’m definitely fan of your challenge too.
Best of luck! I’m looking forward to your every cheerful piece. Cheers!


I just love how the see fauna fits in everything! Cool, really cool :wink:


Thansk everybody for support. I hope to finish this project this weekend. MAybe adding the sound too.

Carl : nice to see you on this thread. I like your new avatar :scream:

Melkao : That’s not a bad idea. Sadly I have no time for change now, My spare time is now very rare and the rendering times are very long. So I just try to finish. I don’t have to forgot I have also an still picture to do.


Software: XSI

One of the last scene

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Hey Vincent Bravo! That’s an another great animation,
all of the videos show that you’re on the right and successful way.
I’m looking forward to see this amazing piece finished.
Best luck! Cheers! P[color=white]ar acclamation![/color]


heheh… looking great man
loving the shaking animation… I think u can make the fall a bit more snappier, it seems a bit slow atm… but the poses are great!


OOOOHHH…thats so good…nice camera shot…i like a lot the illumination…what are you usign for that?..what kind of illumination, software and all of that?:thumbsup:


Software: Digital Fusion,Photoshop,XSI

A long time ago, crustaceous city was a very urban city, with many citizens. It was one of the more dynamic city of the country. But a terrible invasion came from the sea and all the citizen had to run away.
Nowadays most of the invaders have leave the city too. There’s still one citizen, a Banker who keeped the strange behaviors learning from the past.
But how would he react if one of the most famous bandit from the west open his bank’s door armed with his lobster gun ?

This final version has no music because I wasn’t sure about the authorization to use it. So to see the short with music and better compression (that’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) , you can download it at (right click - save as): . It’s a 45mo file.

For those who just want the music but with a bad compression to have a lower file (19mo). Download it here ((right click - save as) :

I want to thanks everybody who supports me and whish good luck to all the participants of this great challenge.

Play Video >>


Hey Vincent! Congratulations! You’ve done a great stunning job. Animation looks high quality.
Best of good luck! Bravo! Cheers!


wow Vincent! that came out very well… I love the style of this filma nd the bankr’s acting is just gr8!.. I love the humor! I wish ya all the best!:thumbsup:


Hey Vincent! Congratulations!! Superb piece from start to finish! I wish you all the best my friend, and once again… BEAUTIFUL creation! :thumbsup:


It has a great western feeling.
Great moment when the banker starts to fear.