Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: vincent guibert


Software: XSI

Here’s a new animation.

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hey very cute animations u got there… I think you should work more on the timing and moving holds… good luck and keep up the good works


haha, the star in the door of the box is perfect!! :scream: lol

I think that when the banker throws that small shell (coin) backwards, the movement of his hand is too short (or slow) compared with the trajectory and speed that the shell has when its falling… but its a minimum unimportant detail, your animation is looking very good, keep it up!!! :slight_smile:


Software: XSI

Well one of the most stupid animation I ever made.

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overcontrast : thank you. You’re right about rythm of the animation. But I’m not very optimistic about finish it in time. So for the moment I go throughanimation quickly and I’ll go back on it if I got time. I love your project, I’m jealous. :smiley:

elmasfeo : thanks for comment. I know the throwing is not perfect but I made it quickly because I know that it could be cut to show this stupid scene I’ve just upload.


Hi Vincent! You’ve progressed so much and so well since the last time I’ve looked. I’ve watched all the animations and they looked very well. I have no critique at all, you’re still progressing and I’m sure you know what you are doing. I’m looking forward. Keep up the good work. Bravo!


Software: XSI

Nothing to add about this.

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hey Vincent!
waw you might actually pull this through! i never thoguht you could pull a big project like this through with the short deadline we have…
I hope you will have some time to fix the comments you got about your animation and put a nice lighting setup/render of it all, as I know your an expert at! :slight_smile:
i will check back here more often from now on.


Software: XSI

Here’s one animation (that I modified a little from the preview) rendered. It’s not perfect (poping, lobster too much shiny…) but I’ll go with this for the moment. if I’ll got time, I’ll change it.

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jajaja…thats so cool!..nice animation!:thumbsup:


ashiataka, melkao : thanks.

anders : I didn’t want to do a so big project. I don’t know if I’ll had the time to do it well. Everything is done very fast. And so for the rendering, I would need a render farm :scream: I already lower my final resolution (I was in HD). So I hope to do all the modification I see on animation and render but that will be difficult. For the moment I try to have something finished.


the look on the lobster’s face is hilarious


The animations are fantastic. My favorite is the robber standing up to hold out his lobster. I did notice that the robber stands up very quickly and maybe if that part of the animation was slowed down a bit then it could be nice. But overall your animations are great fun to watch (again and again and again). I love the way things flop about and move - the movement matches the style of your characters. This stuff is wonderful


Software: XSI

Is someone also having problem with riva encoder ? The 12 first frames always disappear with encoding !!

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Hey nice work. Great models, very stylin! I look forward to seeing it all come together at the end. Cheers.


VERY NICE WORK!The char the ideea everything is so good!:thumbsup:


Software: XSI

Hope you’ll like it.

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you are already ther mate…this is one of my favorites…nice job!:thumbsup:


You have quite some imagination Vincent :smiley: This is brilliant! I will make sure to play your completed animation first:thumbsup: Keep up the strong work!


hahaha all those little creatures everywhere makes this superfun to look at… again and again, and again… :slight_smile:
as its western, you might benefit from making the mood a little warmer, more yellow/red in the lights.