Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: vincent guibert


Hi Vicent…

simply i love your style… (and your portafolio too in special Sad puppet… great animation ,car, and forest…)

you can use and starfish in boats… (only it´s a idea)

great work… belive me.


lol, the octopus is my favorite! looking cool! :thumbsup::thumbsup:


The Banker ! The banker rocks a lot !


Ok here’s what I’ve done for the bank. It’s a little conceptual, a little like in a theater.
Let me know what you think of it.
There will be some hippocampus logo (like dolars) on the bags. There will be also some little crabs or octopus in the bank. If you got some ideas too make it more crustaceous (maybe with modification of some props), I wait for your ideas.


It’s wonderful to see this progress. It’s a clever idea to use a conceptual theatrical stage - that will let us see things that would normally be hidden by walls. Perhaps a shell for a telephone handpiece or maybe a starfish for the handle on the safe. There could be a big flat round shell on the wall which could be a clock. These are only suggestions of course. I love what you are doing :thumbsup:


these are great ideas Mark. thanks. I’m not sure on which type of phone they had at this time but never mind if I do a little anachronism.


it’s looking gr8! no crits… continue!


the escenary looks great…nice progress…i will wait for more!:scream:


Finally I add some walls besides the characters. It was too strange, I had nothing to put on background and it was really weird. I’m now fighting with colors. Here are 2 possibilities.


Here are some setups. Try to discover what character is connected.


great progress Vincent! for me, I prefer the scene with the blue background, I think it has more contrast… good job with the banker, lol, he’s looking funny, and that little octopus too :thumbsup:


i lki more the bottom one…looks more warm…and is like day…and is more like the time to act!:beer:


hey Vincent! I like the first color version. It has a good night feel.


Here’s a quick animation test where the bandit jump to get near the banker.
Click on the picture on the thread or go to the following link to see the animation.


A new animation. Hope you like it.
Download here :


Software: XSI

Here’s the cowboy presentation mixed withthe jump. That’s not perfect but I prefer have a quick progress

Play Video >>

for those who want a better quality, here’s a 7mo mov at :


very strong characters as usual Vincent, i’m realy enjoying your animation progress.


Thanks handlebar, I was a little worry about my animations without any replies :scream:


Nice concept and nice character design. I’m eager to see more animation scenes - I think this new category in cgtalk challenges is a good idea!:bounce:


the animation looks nice…but i see something strange near the mouth…i don’t know if that is cause is not rendered or my imagination or what!..the rest is amazing!:thumbsup: