Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: vincent guibert


Well, it’s been a long time since the last update. I had no time and I’m now back but I don’t know if I’ll had enough time to finish the challenge. So I’ll made it simpler. I’ve model a very quick lobster and I’ll try to set up it soon.


hey cute lobstar!


Finally! update!..i was wating for a long time dude!..where did you go?:eek:


lol, cool idea… lots of ideas for animation ;p
that lobster is just begging to be use to slap somebody, haha


Cool idea and great design (as usual)!

Can’t wait to see more! Good luck my friend!


After a very bad setup and skinning, I couldn’t resist to made a quick pose for my character. So here it is.


lol, he’s cool man… ;p
is that pooop coming out of the lobster? haha


cool model…that lobster gun looks so fun!..nice one my friend!:thumbsup:


hehehe hes holding a lobstar!! thats so funny… nice to see u updating again… good job buddy… keep goin!


Hi Vincent! it´s great to see you here… good designs as usual, cool cowboy… I’ll be following your progress:thumbsup:


Nice level of stylization… hahaha i´ve never seen a lobster gun before…


Thanks guys for comments. really appreciated. Here’s the 2nd character : the banker.


wow… that guy is so cute man!! love that fish tie… keep going!


The banker is finished. I gave him some glasses and make this little picture for test. I hope you’ll like it.

Overcontrast : thanks for comment. Your characters are also very cute.


Hmmm… As you know I’m a real fan of your style and simplicity Vincent, I’m curious where you’ll be going composition wise with this… any hints?

Your characters as always are showing some very unique traits and persona:thumbsup: Keep em coming


what a cool character…he looks so fun…nice job like always!


hehe the characters are very funny both, good work.


OK. Here’s some quick characters for the challenge. They all can play a role but it will depend on the time I have.

daddymack : well I don’t know more about the composition. I was more in term of animation but I know (and I want to do) there is the image to do. It will be difficult to have the 2 characters on a good angle but I start to think about it.

melkao, ania : thanks for your support. I need it :scream:


I love your style of work. The characters are absolutely beautiful and your ideas are superb.

I hope you find the time to do a lot more work on this.

Perhaps the sheriff wears a starfish for his sheriff badge


thanks mark for comment. I thought about the sheriff badge but I think I’ll not have enough time to make a sheriff.