Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: vincent guibert


Fun concept ! I like the idea. The start of your modelling is looking good.

Good luck!


I have added some things, adjust the legs…I hope you’ll like it.


The shoe is great! I like it man! Materials lookin awsome also! :wink:



Looks great! I love how you did the flared jeans and the boots.


Great work. You have a great style and I love the cowboy character. I agree with some previous comments about not really needing some of the additional detail in the arms.

I really like the concept…it seems very creative, fresh and random.


Some little details and 1st try of hair in this update.
Thanks everybody for support.


Hey really awsome, dig the whole cowboy character! cant wait to see more, i see you using XSI, i just started to learn it, at the moment iv got my hands full :stuck_out_tongue:


nice how people can recognize XSI from just “render region”. Tell you Vincent, I want that lil storage buttons in my 5.11 :thumbsup: Nice progress btw.


hey authentic,

its comicg out very nice… i like the style most,spl legs,belt and shoes…part …
love to see ur next post …
Best of luck



A last post on bandit modeling before starting the lobsters.


wow… those details have really brought him to life! the boots, belt and folds are great…
looking forward to the lobsters :stuck_out_tongue:


great improvements Vincent!! looking forward to see your next move.


Hello…nice to see you again.

noce moddeling ther, and the ide is a little crazy…nice job!


Vincent, this is looking really great.


i think you start with the more delirious idea :buttrock:

i begin me too :slight_smile:


Fun idea, as usual.
I m glad to see the next !

allez on faiblit pas ! :slight_smile:


you’ve done very well thus far…I will look over your further work…nice, nice…i hope you’ve figured out what the accesories will look like…


cool cowboy!


very nice character design… i likeee


Hi Vincent! Thanks for visiting my thread and for your kind comments. I love your concept and the character designs as usual. I’ll watch your progress and wait to see the animation interestedly to be amazed. Have fun and Good luck! Cheers!