Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: vincent guibert


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Latest Update: Final Render: crustaceous city


oh great ! Cool you enter the challenge Vincent. Can’t wait to see what you bring to us. :slight_smile:
Have fun.


It seems I have choose my idea. It’s a very strange western. The action takes place in the far west. But something is really strange it is that most of the accessories (guns…) are replaced by living crustaceous or fishs, it’s crustaceous city !
the main scen could be a ban attack so you can see some predesign for bandit and baner.

I’ve list some ideas of replacement but I really need your help to now what to replace.
For the moment here are my ideas :
guns replaced by (spiny?) lobster
spur by sea hedgehog
tie of the bank man by a fish
maybe lasso by murena
horse by giant crab
coins by shell

if you got more idea I’m here to listen.


heya Vincent, great to see you finally feel for the pressure and joined!

maybe some women can wear these things as headpieces:

maybe an octopus(or several) as the big artillery, shooting canonballs from their “ink-hole”(between their legs) or just throwing them with their 8 arms!

maybe some fat rich ppl can ride turtles, and the bad guys on the crabs.

looking forward to see some more, i love western. the beige and green colors… miam miam!


Hey Vincent !

Awesome to see you entered this one too ! I think the theme suits you like an old sock , no doubt that you’re gonna be splendid !

The concept is really cool , great choice , I just can’t wait to see you throwing some polys !

cheers ,



Hi, Vincent!

Good to see you here! Very cool skecth!

Good luck and have a lot of fun in this Challenge!



I keep my idea but I’ve decided to redesign my characters. I go bac to a style nearer from my usual style. I tried to made the old design in 3d but it wasn’t as great as in 2d. MAybe be I’ll change the height of this new characters (very much taller for a more adult impression) but I will see it in 3d.

thans guys for support. great to see everyone is here for this challenge.
Anders : some great ideas for me. thanks.


hey vincent! Great to see you´re in :thumbsup: nice concept so far. Good luck…


Can’t wait 2 c more:)


Here’s a quick start on the head. I have made a simple base head but I hope really useful for animation. The hat and scard are really fastly done. It was just for a better look at the result.


Fun concept ! I like the idea. I wait to see an entire character modeled. Concept art are funny.


I continue the modeling of the main character. I have not decided yet if will do a thing and tall character (surely better for animation) or a more small one lie on right version (where accessories will have more focus on them due to the size).


in my opinion you are doing to many curves in your modeling on this one. i liked your quick, straight, harsh lines and corners mixed with some round parts in your concepts.

for example, the arms have much to many opposite curves. if i where you i would do them as simple cylinders.

i made a quick paintover to show what i mean:
maybe i did to much with the straight lines, but it is just to show ~ what i mean.


Hi Anders thanks for comment. There are some very interesting things in your paintover. The position of the scard is very much better. I think you’re also right about the arms even if I 'll keep something to symbolise the elbow (because I love elbow :scream:) but I will simplify after. For the shoulder I find it better with hard edges like you show but I have to see how it will react with animation.
The hair will come soon, and the hat wasn’t really defined but that will help anyway.

The main difficulty is that I want a character really animatable because most of my old ones have too much limits (often because of enormous head). But I have to keep some stylish work anyway.
Big thanks.


Love your sketches and concepts. The start of your modelling is looking good. If you can keep the charm of your drawings in your 3d, this is gonna be great.


awww a cute bandidt!


I fell a litlle slow on that modeling. never mind…


I really like your style from what I saw in previous challenges, this is looking fun :slight_smile:
I like how you have followed fellah’s advices, the only other thing I could sugest is to make the hat a bit bigger if you want, I’ll be looking forward to the rest of characters

Good luck!


Great character! I think your scene will be fantastic!



Hey Vincent, really nice to see you in another challenge again! I’m sure this thread will end up with a greate image! I believe you man! :thumbsup: and like your style, :wink:
good progress sofar, I’ll keep looking your thread for sure, :wink:

Best lucks, mim, :scream: