Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Vikram K. Mulligan


Some acknowledgements are in order, I think. I want to thank the following people:
–Nenad and others who posted encouragement and useful constructive criticism on this thread.
–Joe Alter for sponsoring one of the Aqsis rendering challenges (in which I won a copy of Shave and a Haircut). Shave was quite handy for creating, styling, and rendering the hair in this animation.
–Darkling Simulations for sponsoring another Aqsis rendering challenge (in which I won a copy of DarkTree Textures). DarkTree was great for creating some of the textures I used.

I also forgot to include the GIMP in the list of programs I used.


Hey Vikram, Im glad you made it! Overall feeling is good, and their facial expressions are great! Like they are encoutering great, strange intrigue… and the idea to finish it as a teaser is really good! Honestly i doubted you could make the whole thing on even extended time, and I thought that this fact will crush your will… Best luck, man!


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