Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Vikram K. Mulligan


Here’s the box for the biscuits.


I was flipping through Last Chance to See, trying to find the part where Adams describes the biscuit encounter. I haven’t been able to find it. Am I misremembering? Was it actually in The Salmon of Doubt? Are there any other Douglas Adams fans out there?


Here are some planks for the bench. I hope to have it modelled and finished very soon… Time is rapidly running out!


I’ve modelled some biscuits, now. ZBrush is very useful for rapidly modelling organic shapes; it was certainly worth the purchase.


I’m modelling and texturing the park bench, now. The modelling was done with Wings3D and refined with Maya 7. For the texture, I started by baking a procedural, then using Photoshop to blend in some actual wood photos to increase the realism.


Here’s the finished park bench. I baked the ambient occlusion to four texture maps to reduce rendering times.


Hey, the bench looks very realistic, with those cracks! Hope that it will not be too dark - maybe like it was painted ? :slight_smile:

Keep on!


I’ve been working on the Thin Man mesh, getting it ready in Maya for sculpting in ZBrush. Here are the UVs, laid out with Maya and Roadkill (which is a very handy little program for UV layout).


Here’s the Thin Man model. Textures to come!


I’ve started texturing the Thin Man, now. I made a mistake in modelling that cost me my old UVs, but the silver lining was that I learned how to redo UVs on a ZBrush model without losing sculpted details. This rendering does not show the displacement map that I will be using.


Hey Brother in arms :slight_smile: where is an update? Come one deadline draws near!!


Hi, Nenad. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. I’ve been away for a few days, first in Montreal for a conference and then in my old hometown visiting my parents for the Canadian Thanksgiving. Today’s the first time in a while that I’ve had a chance to sit down at my computer. But fear not; I plan to post an update later tonight.

As always, best of luck to you.


I’ve finished the textures and shaders for the Thin Man, now. Here he is, complete with the displacement map I’ll use for the details. I still need to do his eyes, teeth, hair, and glasses. I also think I’ll give him a fedora; that’ll be easier to model and texture than a newspaper, and it can be the object under which he finds his biscuits at the end.


A little postscript for my previous post: as I’ve said before, I’m not going for strict photorealism, so please don’t judge the image above too harshly :).


I’ve created twenty-one blend shapes to drive the Thin Man’s facial animation. Not bad for a piece with no dialogue, eh? The majority are to allow the character to emote in response to the Fat Man’s actions, and the minority, to let the character chew.


I like thin man more than the fat one, … like he has more of “personality”… blendshapes are good too, they are going well with the character. Only, you will need more dramatic ones if he has to express some dramatic reactions…


Here’s the Thin Man’s hat, modelled hastily in Wings while taking a break from work. Now back to my grant application!


The Fat Man was the first model I made after getting ZBrush. The Thin Man’s better because I had a little more experience the second time around :slight_smile: . (Oddly enough, I think he looks a tiny bit like James Cromwell). Fortunately, the Thin Man is the protagonist, so he’ll be more prominently featured. If I had more time, I’d go back and tweak the Fat Man, but time’s running out!

Yup, the expressions I’m showing aren’t the most extreme ones. I think the blendshapes I’ve got are diverse enough to let me do the facial animation I’m planning on doing. I guess I’ll find out by doing it, though. And if I need a shape I don’t have, I can always add another one.


Here’s the Thin Man with hair and eyes. He’s nearly done; I just need to add his teeth and tongue, finish texturing his hat, and give him a skeleton. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll get done in time, though. I’ve lost a lot of time to travel in the past few weeks, as well as a couple of nights to a failed computer power supply (which I’ve replaced now).


Here’s the completed model of the Thin Man. He ended up looking a little Pixar-ish, unfortunately. Not that I dislike Pixar; on the contrary, I love their work. I just had hoped to produce something in a somewhat more unique style. Oh well. It’s my first complete character.