Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tomas Aceytuno


Great render but I don’t understand why you did a realistic render in front of all the things you did ?


dung_beetle see the publicity of new beetle.
He´ll dream with these car…
he made his world with recicled materials… (material in his little world)

Dreams can be possible… if you work to get it…


lol… That is a mighty bizarre twist Tomas


problably i made some changes but it´s the first idea… (i think…)
see my thread page…

photorealistic render are a little intro.
bug enjoy driving in this cardboard world… (i have some ideas… but it´s a surprise…)

and say me.



Hi Tomas, at first thanks for that lovely photo of your daughter Ester
and her superb painting, I love it!
By the way the dung-beetle is very nice. I can’t wait to see the animation
of this concept!
Best wishes! Cheers! Alegra!


great dung beetle!
i want to try that vue program, but don’t really have the time to figure it out and how to apply it to maya. looks like it does some good stuff.
so your “story” just got more interesting w/ the introduction of this new character and realistice style. i have a feeling this will be one of the top animations.


Vue are increible… i love ecosystem2. use your mesh and paint a lot of instances with wacom. atmospheres no coment… You can try XSTREAM…
You use Maya and xtream in background but you can see result of vue (xtream) inside Maya… You must test it…


Software: Vue

hi, this is a one of scenes rendered…
i hope you like this…


Play Video >>


Woooot! Very promising mate! Absoultely feel the wind, cool mood! Congratulations! I’ve seen lotsa gallery VUE stuff, but it’s a different thing when someone actualy make a cool anim with that. :thumbsup: May i ask about render times for this shot? I mean frame resolution and mins/secs for one frame of render. Am curious how it works in anim. I use it sometimes for reference or background images, but nothing else. Maybe worth to dig it up a bit more :slight_smile:


cool animation mate… looking real good… i like the environment a lot… keep up the good work man…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Hi Tomas,

Excellent work! :thumbsup:



Excellent ! How long the render was ? Did you do all the render in Vue ?


Hi Guilles,

Yes all animated and rendered in Vue 6.5.
render time = around 50s./1.27 minutes per frame…

render time are short because… i have a new machine …(I take years to save the money…).


Hi Mark, thanks for your words.
animate backgrouns in Vue take some time. in some cases you use a simple mate generated with Vue. but some times you can change this. why?. Now i have a new machine… Macpro with a 1 minute aprox. per frame, you can made a lot of test.
for example take vue6 and load CERRO VERDE scene and change resolution to 800x600 macpro take only 1’30". belive me it´s a dream… if you use a lot of cores in the same machine your workflow up speed.


I wish I have a new machine !


Hi Gilles,

The dreams can be made reality… after years, but made… uuuffff!!

sincerely, with a machine of this you can give loose rein to your


Best hifi sound system for dung car…

ipod nano red edition. 8gb.


Mouahah, excellent !
I want a cardboard beetle !




hey Tom! nice renders buddy… every time i drop in here i got something to sooth my eyes… ery nice renders and like always, great style… about the last render… i’m not a huge fan of the aqua iPod i like the red one better. I mean why not make it out of cardboard too?.. and dude show us some animation man… i’m sure ur cooking something under our nose… let them out hehe:thumbsup::bounce::buttrock::applause: