Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tomas Aceytuno


Simply wonderfull! I like it! Can’t wait to see the animation.


HAHAHA! I love it Tomas! :applause: I will have to add a hedgehog to my scene! Especially since I used to raise hedgehogs when I was a boy… they are soo much fun.



wah!.. that is beautiful!.. I love the wonderfuly bright colors and the idea of carboard models is awesome!!.. keep up the amazing works buddy! looking good!


Thank you for this…:applause:


your work is looking awesome man, love the style you’re going for!


Some of the cutiest concept pages i have ever seen here.


Hola Tomas,
Well I just love ALL OF THEM!:scream::eek:…I mean they are perfect for a show, and the design its so clever, everything fits like a glove! hope to see more updates soon, like I said before your thread its the favorite one for all my animal lover’s friends, and so my sister, she love the idea of the cows eating the sheets…:thumbsup: and the little hedge hogs so darn cute!:smiley:

Hope summer its not very hot and with a better weather , at least enjoyable …Some day I will go to my grandfather’s land!


Only take the moment…



Your comments inspire me.



thanks for enjoy with my post…


Now i post a Tip.
A lot time i used programs to make textures.
In this case i made a wheat´s camp texture.

1.- create a simple texture for a wheat leaf mesh.
2.- import in vue6 into ecosystem2 paint system.
3.- paint leafs with wacom.
4.- set lighting and camera.
5.- Render.
6 .- Now i have a big texture with alpha to use in a simple 4 vertex polygon. (Clip map)

I hope you like this tip.



Now you can see texture in action…

I hope you like then.



Every post made me smile infoarq, looking forward to what you come up with next.


Thanks TMortan!!
I´m very happy for your reaction… (belive me)


cool technique, thx for sharing!

it’s looking great, are u going to do anything with the clouds? maybe hanging by strings?



Far background aren´t definet yet…
In original idea, cloud have a metal wire in back…

In these renders i used a simple background painted with artrage. (see all pics, it´s the same…) I render scene with white background and save with alpha… after i compose it with the same background…

After finished the camp. i think… NEXT WORK???

Thanks for help me…

Next model: CLOUDS!!


hi, today was a bad day for me…
in starup of my computer user don´t run… OOOOOOPSSSS al data in drive c: can be lost… (i have a backup of this project in external drive… UPSSS)
i formated the computer 3 times… and dont work… why???


i lost a big data and i need to chenge my laser mouse.

i have the textures but model no. tomorrow i will modeles the clouds and sun…

I hope you liike then…


ooh that’s a big loss, I’m sorry for you
are all the models lost?
I hope you can retrieve your data somehow, or have enough time to re-model it
your work is going very well


No ! I can’t believe this !
Don’t tell us that you loose too much ! I hope that it’s going to be alright and that you can finish this contest without too much wounds !
Keep the faith, we support you !


Thanks to both…
I´m very happy… No lost any data fron this project…
all data are ok in external drive… ( and some in dvds…)

I only need my logitech mx610 (shop will change me).

now i have a standart mouse… works at 12 fps… hahahaha but works…