Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tomas Aceytuno


cool concept, the cows look very funny

I made handpainted textures some time ago too
I will watch your progress


style is very nice. I like your amazing cow with these milk-tits stick on buttocks instead of belly, hehe marvelous.

i’ll look forward how you run this concept.



Grass on newspapers only 3 polygons for type.

I´ll Its. use on ecosystem in Vue6…

Thnaks to all for your Post… Thanks…



Sorry for resolution, but i haven´t time to render bigger.



Still excellent !
I’m a fan !


looks very good… the style makes it one of my favorites so far…


LOL grass on newspaper :smiley: this is one of my favorite entries on here.

good job. good luck to you.


Wow, great style. I love it. :bounce:

Good luck with the challenge.


Haha, yes great, so what’s the grass brand news (…paper). :slight_smile:

hehe love your style.
Keep it up!



haha, It’s looking really nice. :smiley:


More sketch of farm´s animals…

this night you´ll see the 3dmodels…




Nice story!

Looking for seeing more!



Let me present the PIG…
other pigs soon.

I hope you like it…



gotta love those animals :applause:


Hi to all. here lives pigs…
Oink!! Oink!!

See mon and littles pigs…

I hope you like then…



great original style. keep going :slight_smile:



Great style ! I like it!! :thumbsup:


it’s getting better and better every time i see it.

really lot’s of detail and i bet it renders pretty fast too. Will come in handy when you start rendering lot’s of frames.



wow, i must say this is an awesome concept, and it must be extremely fun to draw to textures hehe, just the creativity needed to come to the idea of the pigs drove me crazy!
anyways, I will keep an eye on your thread, good luck!!


This is my favourite lurking thread atm… just thought I’d chime in to say :thumbsup: LYW