Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tomas Aceytuno


Hi again…
Thanks for your comments…

Now we recycled our textures cardboards.
last night we mounted our xmas tree (my children can´t stop… GIVE ME!! GIVE ME!! GIVE ME!!)
and we made a little “Belen” on tv table with little characters… But only with characters???
I HAVE A IDEA!! only need:
scissors and a stapler.
and cardboard… where can get cardboard??? PAINTED TEXTURES FOR DUNG LIFE!!
hahahahaha I love cardboard!!

and this is the result… i hope you like… and HAPPY NEW RENDER!!


Excellent !
Happy Xmas to you and your family, Tomas ! :wink:


I´m winner too.

I win some friends…
I win a big experience…
I win inspiration from you…

that but I need?



Your thread was one of the funniest and most interesting to follow, great style.
I enjoyed watching it.


U said it man… in my book ur a winner for sure. I was hoping u wud atleast win one of the special catagory prizes but o well, dont put urself down… u did a stunning work so I congratulate u for that! c ya around


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