Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tomas Aceytuno


You Are Right!!!

I Will Fix These Big Errors…



Hi Tomas!.. the animation is really great! I like dynamism and camera movement a lot…
also music really fits video… keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


I have cleared the logo and car name…

what you think?


PD: i need change it to render a lot of frames…


i was wondering how all that worked w/ other people’s music, too. hopefully you can find a quick solution if that is a problem.
i like the final animation. everything moved by so quick, though…wish i could see more of the scenery…and those cool tractors you made. those things were great.
would have been funny to have that hedgehog sort unfold and come open after it got ran over…sorta like it was just made out of a box.


some time ago i think to use more objects in scenary… pigs,tractors,etc…
but made some scenes and rendered to put movie into first dead line time…

After made the first movie i had many ideas, but time duration limits (rules) of my movie
don´t need more scenes…

music…?? i like the first music (I listened it in the freeway on radio) and enyoined it and background… but if a need a music… i try to put another… Now in my Mac i have a simply program… Garageband can help me a lot… because? i can´t made music… graphics?? all you need… but music??? no coment… hahahahaha.

i hope to change these things rapid… (i try to render advertising with mask and after compose it in old frames…)



after 24 hours. all frames was rendered…

now i uploading the new movie fixed…



Software: Vue

Hi to all.

This movie fixed a comercial music,logos and car names used in last one.

This movie is exact to the previous one. but with some changes:
Music are created wih GARAGEBAND (Magic Garageband option) on Mac.
Advertising was changed… NO LOGO and NO CAR NAME,

Illusion… the same…

I hope you like this FIXED MOVIE…

Thanks to all for alert me of posibble copyright problems…

Play Video >>


Nice editing, and the idea off course, is great… :slight_smile:
Would like to see all that farm business… :wink:


CONGRATULATIONs on a very good finish!!.. I love this short! The style the colors all are very beautiful… this is one of my favorites!!.. i wish ya all the best!


excellent ! Are you a compositor ? You have the blues feeling inside you Tomas !:bounce:


No… Program make all. you can change instruments and time. see this link:



Hey Tomas! Congratulations again!!
Everything I’ve told before are still valid. That’s an amazing, absolutely charming piece! You’re an adult with childish thougts and the idea is completely superb. Both of your idea and the way you blend them, animating them are so qualified. It’s so cheerful! The new version is so well too. At first I’ve been really worry about you if fixing would be a problem for you but as I see you’ve done this perfectly. I hope you will be rewarded for this wonderful piece! Best of luck my friend!



Yeah I know this program, two of my brothers are Mac users and sometimes showed me the stuff you can do with. This is nice !


Hi everybody…

I can´t stop, i finished movie but i have a lot ideas…
Now you can get a real models… and use it on your rendering times… how many coffes…???

now i have a PIG and Hedgehog. (sorry, have diferent sizes…)

you can download at:

I hope you like…

if you need any more said me ok?



Excellent ! It is Xmas before !
Thanks for this Tomas !


GREAT I like this one!
Can’t see how I’ve missed this one … have to read the whole thread now!

Good luck now!


dead line is here…

i only say:

This isn´t an Strage behavior. THIS IS A EXPERIENCE!!..

I enjoyed this competition with your works… belive me.

Thanks for all and good luck for everybody.


Hey Tomas! Congratulations!!!
I love this short! The style the colors all are very beautiful…

Good Luck…



the best Until now
good luck


U said it bro… It was sure a gr8 time for all of us. So much we learned and made so many good freinds… That beings said, your work is truely of of the best styles in this challange! I have big appriciation for your work. Cause to me its very original and creative. All the best buddy!.. wish to see your work in the future!!