Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tomas Aceytuno


Tomas Aceytuno is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): ARE YOU RENDERING??? YOU HAVE TIME…


My project will be based in cardboard. all object will modelate in basic geomety and texture with hand made.
(texture can be real or painted with wacom).

Modeled in lightwave and render with Vue6.

I hope you like then…

in some days i´ll upload concept-art.



great style!

curious to see the concept. How about telling something about the idea and story itself?



ooh I want the pink one :scream:


Awesome :smiley: That looks really nice.


thats difference!! :thumbsup: I like it!!:eek: … show me some wire pls.


Just excellent !
Great idea !
Great style !
Can’t wait to see what’s next !


very good so far… what do you plan to do as an animation? whats the idea behind this?


Hi to all. and thanks for your replys.

I´´ll make a big environment. country,Farms, forest, typical spanish village and more…

All HAND-MADE style

animation??? problably… with a hand made ufo and cows. (i love cows).

I only need some time to improve the project.




Great idea !
Great and interesting style !


looking great and original. any hints on what the strange behaviour will be? :slight_smile:


scared cow strip milk in bricks… problably but strange behaviour not this even full defined.

every day something is happened to me , but I prefer to have the first models .


PD: I like your work…


Great style man! Waiting for the cows or whatever else you put in the story.

Keep going


that’s looks good. I’ll look forward for the suit.
Good luck.:slight_smile:


Hi, Strange Behavior was been born.

it´s a love history of a bug and new bettle.

sorry for my storyboard, but i draws it this morning on the beach with my twins (4.5 years old.) see their pics at(

Sorry for the order. (see number in corner).
Cows are modeled and soon I finish them (textures).

I hope you like the idea.

Thanks to all.



I hope you like then…



Thats the coolest cow i’ve ever seen.


I just love your style it’s unique. Just want you to know it
-keep it up!!


really nice work on shader and design. Good luck.


the concept looks so funny. :slight_smile:
i really enjoy watching your picts ,even you are at the beginning. keep up your good work.:scream: