Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tibor Nadas


hahaaah! that was great! Congratulations on a fine and funny piece, I really like the flame and smoke fx too, it suits the style you’ve got going here perfectly


Say Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Hahahahaha Simply Great!! ( I Love All Animal Farm!!)

Good Luck…

Pd: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…


i was just thinking about this one…and wondering when you were going to post it. i love those sheep. love the two distinct personalities. nice touch how the eyes get a little red, too.

good work.


Good short. I like it. I know persons like that two ewes. Good story. Funny.


hehe grin made me laugh alot :slight_smile: very funny!


Nice shoes and interesting eyes expression. Good luck!


I shouldn’t have watched that at work. It made me laugh out loud, and I got some pretty strange looks. Great work, though. Congratulations!


Haha that’s great, well done. Good luck mate


that was really fun to watch! u have a very good winning entry here!:thumbsup:


hahahahahahahahaha…thats so funny!..very nice my friend…hey can i get a copy of your animation?:twisted:



Cool animation and render. That’s realy funy. The smoke fx is perfect!:slight_smile:


Congrats for finishing. Nice fx indeed.


Cool soundtrack, he he… and very funny shot, the flow of whole piece is just… HIGH… lol, good luck with judging :thumbsup:


Excellent ! I did’nt follow your thread very much but your story is hilarious !
I love it ! Great job Tibor !


csdani: Thx:)

DigitalOmega: Thank you!

DaddyMack: Thx too.The fire fx was made by FumeFx.

Infoarq: I realy happy to you like this short. I would like to be continue. (Some scene is missing, because I haven’t got enought time)

melkao: Thanks! I will send, a better quality movie.

r1-381, fruela, syrez-one, vmulligan, Trickz, Chocoski, authentic, Oweron, gpepper : Thanks!


hey nice short man… pretty funny!.. all the best!!:thumbsup:


Hi Tibi,

Am glad you finished it! The quality is cool, idea works and FX add a lot to the scene! Well done! Best luck! Funny, my brothers like it too! Congrats!

Remélem legközelebb is találkozunk itt CGS-en! :slight_smile: :beer:



Bahahahaha… I loved it so much! I was laughing out loud… funniest sheep I ever seen.
I hope you win hehehehe…


mwahahaha… that was great man… awesome work, u should be proud!


Hehe, strange endeed!
Good luck.