Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tibor Nadas


hehe i love sheep, so i’d say you are going in the right direction :smiley:


The sheep model looks great! Can’t wait to see him in motion :stuck_out_tongue:


The two main characters. I will add details to it yet, and I start the background modeling.


Thank you so much for comments


Really cool character style you’ve got here tnads, I look forawr to seeing this animated:)


very funny, cute looking sheep :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: pretty unique style mate! me in Q as well for the animation update :stuck_out_tongue: good luck dude! very good work!


DaddyMack: Thanx man… yeah i’m working on it.

thanks…i glad you like it


jajaja…nice sheeps…i love it…:thumbsup:


Here is a basic setup. The test animation coming soon.


Gotta love that dog!
Lovely character design in general. Well done!


HUN: Eddig nagyon jó munka Tibi, várom már az animációt! :wink:


I am looking forward for this funny piece. Go for it! :slight_smile:


little update… shading and minimal texturing.


I like these characters. When will we see something animated ?


I started the background. I put some bg characters. The second character rigging is work in progress. The first was finished. I will be upload some tests.



Anim will be soon. The character and the rigg is now finalized. This week i would like to finished the background.


Hajrá ne add fel. A szőrös modellek kész legyenek hétfőre!!


the smoking sheep idea is hilarious. i think i’ve seen a commercial that has 3d sheep that look similar…can’t remember what the commercial was, though.

i like the facial expressions you’ve got so far. looking good.


Hi Tibor!

Nice backgorund. I like the style. Hurry up! I’m very curious! :wink:


looks cool man! the hills have a soft/fluffy feel to it. Nice style!