Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tibor Nadas


Haha the new idea is great! Simple story, simple humour, and very strange behaviour - it works for me. I just think the style of the sheep in your concepts could be better translated into your modeling.


sheep BG character


I liked the concept and idea of your sheeps a lot :).
The 3d model seems a lot less stylish though. The head isn’t as angular and the eyes aren’t as narrow and free from the head as the sketches.
And the wool could be a bit more fluffy or bulky on the 3d model.

It’s just a matter of taste, but I’d vote for the sketched style ^^.

As for the 3d legs, wouldn’t it be easier to manipulate them if they were as long and thin as the sketched ones?
In a sitting pose, handling a joint, they seem just a tad bit too short and stubby.

Good luck with the project, and hope you can manage to keep the style of your sketches, I just love em! :slight_smile:


Is this character just a background one like I understand ? Not one of the 2 main characters ? In this case I would just say : excellent and cute ( have a sort of ardmaan style that I like).
For the main characters they will deserve more stylization with their head inside their body :scream:



Ha ha ha! I love the stylized look to the concept work. :thumbsup:

The modeling is good, but not as charming as the drawings. I think the sheep deserves a re-work to make him look more like the drawing.


hey nice work…i love the sheeps…which is you modeling method?


Awesome sheep! I’m not entirely following what’s going to go on, but I’m very sure it will all come together :slight_smile:

I love the character designs and I think it will all come together nicely.


That sheep is killing me hahahaha.Keep on going.


thanks to the replies!

Yes, Vincent, this is Background Character only. These must be very simply. (And it’s standings on four legs).

The main characters is working on.



Lookin good man!! he kinda reminds of Shaun the Sheep from Aardman. up the great work!


Hi Tibi,

Cool characters and funny sketches you have. It’s gonna be amazing!

Sok sikert :wavey:


Szia Márk!
Koszonom a biztatast! :slight_smile:

Thank you!



thank you!

         he is not yet ready totally.  I will make changes in the model and texturing yet.



Hi Tibor…

Again said:

I love you characters… and sheep too …

do you remember a pc game called SHEEP from Empire?

I love this game and his sheeps…



hehe love the concept


I started one of the main characters.


Thanks for replies!


Hi Tibor again…

I love too this sheep… ( i love farn animals)
and the animation HOW TO FLY? simple fantastic!!! i love these character and style. in special the COW … great shape and animation…

Thank for sharing these jewels…


Wow…thats very fun…cute sheep!..that stupid face is killing me…you have done a really good job with this one…waiting for more:thumbsup:


Nice characters and composition,also I like the style.Good work!:thumbsup: