Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tibor Nadas


Kösz Dani! úgy néz ki, alakul a sztori is :slight_smile:


Hey, really nice models, dog and child, i like both.
They looks so funny. Hé.



Thanks for replies!


Hi Tbor.

simply impressive!! i love you style… belive me.

Tomas Aceytuno


New character sketch
The storyboard is making… Soon…


Haha, I love that dog! Really nice characterwork and sketches, the story sounds fun too.
Great work :thumbsup:


great characters - love the green dude with braces LOL…:thumbsup:


Good concept and good modeling.
But i don’t understand why you have a dog and a little boy and none of them are on the sketch concept?!

But it’s a good start, good luck.


hehehe… this is looking great!! Nice progression Tibor


jajajaja…this one is fun…i love the idea…waiting for updates!:scream:


What a nice looking critter he is, I don’t think he should drop his guard with the granny opposite though, she could switch at any time! :smiley:


Thank you!


This will be a story about an angry dog who bite every think. He catch his mouth a boomerang, it will change his face, and everybody thinks he is a very nice dog.



Dog is fantastic.



Thanks Tomas!


simply it is the truth. I have seen much people but few with own style…

(i´m 3d, cad instructor and see a lot people in a year…)

it´s liked too my wife and childrens…



Love the scene with grandma drinking tea. Very nice!


This is a new plan about two smooking sheep. One of them drop down his cigarettes and then theirs fur catch fire.

In my opinion, this plan is not too mutch difficult technically sutch as my previous.

Sorry my poor English.:slight_smile:


Out of everything so far… I LOVE THE SHEEP!
Simple yet really funny. I say go for the sheep and take it as far as you can.:thumbsup:


BTW: if they are supposed to be stoned… thats even better. :smiley:


I started modeling the sheep.