Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tibor Nadas


Haha that’s great, well done. Good luck mate


that was really fun to watch! u have a very good winning entry here!:thumbsup:


hahahahahahahahaha…thats so funny!..very nice my friend…hey can i get a copy of your animation?:twisted:



Cool animation and render. That’s realy funy. The smoke fx is perfect!:slight_smile:


Congrats for finishing. Nice fx indeed.


Cool soundtrack, he he… and very funny shot, the flow of whole piece is just… HIGH… lol, good luck with judging :thumbsup:


Excellent ! I did’nt follow your thread very much but your story is hilarious !
I love it ! Great job Tibor !


csdani: Thx:)

DigitalOmega: Thank you!

DaddyMack: Thx too.The fire fx was made by FumeFx.

Infoarq: I realy happy to you like this short. I would like to be continue. (Some scene is missing, because I haven’t got enought time)

melkao: Thanks! I will send, a better quality movie.

r1-381, fruela, syrez-one, vmulligan, Trickz, Chocoski, authentic, Oweron, gpepper : Thanks!


hey nice short man… pretty funny!.. all the best!!:thumbsup:


Hi Tibi,

Am glad you finished it! The quality is cool, idea works and FX add a lot to the scene! Well done! Best luck! Funny, my brothers like it too! Congrats!

Remélem legközelebb is találkozunk itt CGS-en! :slight_smile: :beer:



Bahahahaha… I loved it so much! I was laughing out loud… funniest sheep I ever seen.
I hope you win hehehehe…


mwahahaha… that was great man… awesome work, u should be proud!


Hehe, strange endeed!
Good luck.


Could you send me a copy this anim?


overcontrast: I realy happy to you like this short.


Thanks… its an honor to hear that from a talented artist like u.

Thank You.

coolkonrad: Thanks.

I will send, a better quality movie-link.


Jamaica mon!
Great soundtrack, nice, chilled and fitting.
I see you have figured how some sheep get to be black… :wink:
Love those stoned eyes…


Hilarious! I loved it–Its been a while since I’ve seen a short that made me laugh out loud like this one did…Congrats!! The sheeps expressions are priceless, you did a really great job!


i was just telling a guy at work about this one. so, i needed to watch it again. funny stuff. would be great to have these sheep star in their own series.


HI Tibor…

Congratulations too…

all students of my class saw your short… all people smile. belive me they love yous sheeps… and some love the laughter´s cigarette… hahahaha

Beleme me i love your style… characters,colors and imagination.

Thanks for share this with me


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