Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Tibor Nadas


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Latest Update: Final Render: Still


“crazy dog” character design


Looking great!!! keep it up!


Thanks Krispo!


This already looks very silly… Love it:applause:


I love this dog! Both characters look very good and cartoonish.
good luck!


Character design looks really nice :slight_smile: I’m curious to see where this one is going storywise :o


If this is a preViz I’m afraid to see the real deal :twisted: Nice work!


After another viewing, one thing I might suggest is maybe fattening up his head from front to back a bit more. It’s already quite wide from side to side (obviously in a cartoonish way, which works well), but I think it might look a bit better proportionally. Something to try anyway.


Great characters tnads, very consistant in style, they work well together

Steve 8)


sweet looking characters man … really funny… i like the style ur going for… two thumbs up from me…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Just curious, is the dog supposed to be able to turn his eyes totally around? I noticed that from the rear you can see his pupil on the other side of his eyeball. Just thought I would point that out in case there is a texturing issue or something.

OTher than that, it looks pretty cool!!

Looks like a pack of Pirahnna dogs or something.


Great style

i was gonna suggest to make the face rounder, but you already noticed that. Don’t know how round his eyes are, but maybe they can stick out a little more.

The dogs is simple amazing.



haha, i agree with the other people around here, the dog is amazing, it looks quite crazy hehe, good luck with you entry!
i am waiting to see more hehe


Hey Tibor,

great character design. I think I get the concept, but I’d love to see somewhat of a description of it.


I am very enjoy looking at your characters, and your sketch.:slight_smile:


HUN: Eddig nagyon jó! Tetszik a kutya! Hajrá! :wink:


nice looking characters you have done…

But i dont see any concept idea or sketch ??? you may want to do that first no ???



the new plans are drawn up and the storyboard


Thank you!

This will be a story about an angry dog who bite every think. He catch his mouth a boomerang, it will change his face, and everybody thinks he is a very nice dog.

The storyboard is making… Soon…

I have a lot of idea, and i will post it. After all a will chose one of them.