Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Thomas Haas


dude that looks gr8!.. I saw the animation and i think ur doing a gr8 job with it… cant wait to see more… :arteest:


Nice character animation!

A few things, when he gets out of the car, he steps on the “foot leener”, making the car lean to one side. But it’s a bit difficult to see where he steps,(looks like his right leg is on the ground, making his left leg appear to be the last one in the car) so it looks like the car jumps back a little to lait. -sorry, that wasn’t to good explained! he he.
Why is he staring twice at the door opener. I makes him look confused, as if he’s not quite sure what it is.
The part when he enters the ship is beautiful!



Nice ideea Nice work!Good luck!:thumbsup:


overcontrast: Thanks! I only need the last scene of animation - looks like theres light at the end of the tunnel.

evengi: Thanks! I think your right about the steps out of the car. Ill look into it. About the door opener I wanted to show some kind of emotion (or thinking process) in him and this was the only real place where I had the oppotunity.

adib: thanks!

I rendered the first scene yesterday, and it had jitter in the trees (ofcause!!!).

How many days is left??


Hey again.

Ive begun rendering. Heres a test I did today.


Still have some jitter-issues which needs to be resolved (more render-power please!).

Anyways - hope you like it even though its jittering all over the place.



That’s a great render. Nice work on the trees.


Good progress, ace :thumbsup: Let’s hope you can finish it this time.


good job mate… the rendered shot looks very nice… keep goin…!:bounce::thumbsup:


This seems fine, prepare to launch! :slight_smile:

Maybe to saturat colours a little in postproduction ? Or maybe not! :slight_smile:


authentic: thanks allthough the trees ARE jittering with cameramovement.

MartinNielsen: haha finish it? NEVAH!:smiley:

overcontrast: Thanks alot m8!

npantic: I like that you like it! About the saturation its a delibare choise. I want to make it black and white! - well allmost atleast.



Im rendereing for now - need more time!!!

Anyways, the picture is the intro screen of the movie. Ive rendered two scenes out, so im allmost halfway through.

Click the picture or click HERE to see the .Mov

Havent really felt I had time to work through the animation much, so ill have to live with this.

Hope you like it. Take care.


Software: Maya,mental ray,Modo

Hey people.

okay - so its done! I dont want to use any more time on this, its killing me.

So far The Idea is to depict the astronaut with strange behavior.

Hope you like it!


Play Video >>


my little boy was cracking up w/ this one. he wanted to watch it over and over.


r1-381: Hi there. Really like that you liked it!:slight_smile: A childs laugher is allways the best!


He he he. Great work my friend. You finally completed something :thumbsup:


Good job i really like it.

good luck.


hey congratulations buddy!.. i really like this film. It got a nice look and a gr8 humor… I wish ya all the best with this one…:thumbsup:


Mouahah ! Excellent ! animation is great and the render and modeling and texturing too !


MartinNielsen: Hey Martin. Yea at least i “completed” something!:slight_smile: Theres allways stuff to do better or different…

fido972: Thanks!

overcontrast: thanks. Cool you like it.

gpepper: Thanks - Ofcause theres allmost things that could have been better - especially the render. Oh well - its been a cool process:)!


Great job! Funny!
Good luck!