Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Thomas Haas


Trickz: thx. Cool you like the storyline:) Im aiming for a depth which gives it off as being a mini-universe.

Maxter: thanks alot.

overcontrast: thanks=) I think the lighting is a bit better now. Maybe it could use some more contrast in final composit.

infoarq: thanks. I think your right with the car needs more detail. Ive made a couple of chairs. but I guess it needs a steeringwheel too:D


This entry is one of my favourites i say. I am looking forward to watch the completed piece.:thumbsup:


Cool entry! great design and modeling skills. Please, could you tell me something about leaves of the trees modeling? Thanks!


SEMSAHMER: Thanks! I do think theres alot of great entries in this competition… its gonna be great to see the fininished.

medunecer: thanks:)

The leafs are modelled. Ive done one leaf of 4 polygons and snapped it to the surface of the sphere some ten times, combined them and given this 10-leaf sphere the same pivot of the sphere, then copied the leaf-sphere… its pretty simple. Sometimes with many of these trees (cause they are pretty heavy to render) you could make a shadowcaster-sphere in the leafs and turn off shadows on the leafs, to make it better to render.

Hopefully I can have a simple camera-blocking done later today.



Thanks for the suggestion Thomas. I’ll try this technique for sure!


Hi there. This is the fist draft of the camera blocking and sound.

So far the last scene, where the astronaut leaves the rocket not done. Youll have to wait for that one.

anyways. I would love to hear what you think.


EDIT: Click the picture to see the .mov file…


nice animatics man… everything looks good… but I hope the peeing dosent go for that long period of time LOL. nice goind keep up the good works!


Hey, champ.

First: The whole scene looks absolutely fantastic. I can see you’re in the business :thumbsup:

Secondly: The animatic is great too. Especially the car movement is superb :thumbsup: But as you point out, we still need the ending to give a complete feedback. Keep rocking :buttrock:


great animatic!



Ive been having a little pause lately… Civilization 4 is just such a great game!!!

Aaanyways. I bagan working with the animation yesterday - thought I wanted to update my project here.

Check it out here or click the picture

Hope you like it. Do tell me whatever you think.

Take care.


overcontrast: hehe - I kinda like the idea of having this REALLLY long peeing time. I think its kinda funny - but maybe im wrong. Ive shortened it a bit in the newest version

MartinNielsen: Hey Marting. Thanks! hope you like the new version!

medunecer: thanks:D

Still much to do… work work.


it’s still too long in my opinion (the viewer gets bored when the same thing lasts too long)
I would stop it around the 33 or 34 second.
flush noise is missing
apart from that it’s becoming really nice.


Hi there! I really like your style and everything looks awesome! I am a begginer here! But can see a good work in this! BTW what is that software you are using? what tools and tutorials can you recommend me so I can begin this Modeling Animation Trip



I believe aghill is Maya user :wip:


Looking foward to do something like that soon! I want to model my unborn Baby, he is coming on February 2008!! haha watn to model him as soon as he is out!


Hi there chaps!

An update is apropriate I guess. Ive been animating the last couple of evenings, when I had the time.

I even made a rendertest, to check if this will ever get rendered. Looks okay so far. For now im gonna use a color-pass rendered with final gather, and a depth pass. Nothing more. Better keep it simple af able to finish it, than not being able to finish it…

heres the result so far with the animation. Maybe I got some renders for you next time:D

Click here or click the image


ania: hi there. Ive tried to shorten up the peeing in the latest. The whole short has become a bit longer now, with the second scene adding another 100 frames. Im glad you like it:D

ZeroHart: as Martin writes, I am a maya user yea. I guess you can find alot of resources on these forums to learn whatever 3D-package you want to learn. Alot of wise guys and girls hanging around in the alleyways of Cgtalk, ready to answer your questions:) I would say, that starting with modelling your baby would be some big task. Good luck:D

now… sleepzzzZzZzzz


Wow. great work overall. You deserve to sleep :slight_smile:


Hey there.

Another animation update this weekend. I only need one scene now.

Check it out HERE

I updated the set a bit. Added a tree to the forground to get better depth in the opening shot.

When all the scenes are done im gonna run them through and clean up the animation a bit more.

Furthermore I want another look on the clouds. More sphere-like so they adapt to the tree shapes a bit better.

Looks like ill have 10 days to render it out - im gonna need it!

anyways - cya!


authentic: thanks man. Yea sleep is needed:D