Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Thomas Haas


hey, i noticed one thing about your astonaut. I know russian )(its my 2nd language) and i saw you put the label on his suit saying RUSSIA in russian, so you mispelled it a little bit, switch the last letter with the previous and it will spell russia right then. Or maybe you made this mistake on purpose& so not to make think of him as russian astronaut& well, hope i helped you . i like your project a lot, but i think you could create a more interesting plot(modeling and anm takes as much tine time or even less than creating astrong and interesating plot) good luck!!!


overcontrast: Thanks m8. really looking forward to make a animation test on the guy

Serebryakov: Hi there and thanks. Hehehe, yea I googled “russian space project” and found this word (I dont know anjy russian so im just totally ignorant here) :slight_smile: Ill swich those two last letters around. thx =)

About the plot, I think this competition is all about building up a personality, which normally is assosiated with another behavior, that suddenly changes. I don’t want to depict a strange situation but a strange behavior, on this character. Maybe the plot could be a bit more spicy…




Hi again.

A fast pose here. Ive been rigging the last couple of days. Dont have too much time for super skinng, and I dont think i’ll do corrective shapes for the shoulders etc. Its really basic for now. If I need some better deformation later on Ill do it, but for now its a bit of waste.

Ive come up with a new plot too. Same scene only shorter, easier and much more funny/strange :slight_smile:

Hope you like it.



hey Thomas GREAT STYLE!!

I like it.



i love your texture work on your truck… awesome dude


HI again.

More work on the set. The landscape is rocky and grass. Im thinking of making some various red flowers, to give the green grass a bit more flavour, and maybe there could be a cornfield on the other side of the fence.

As for the storyline a new idea has come up, this one being much more interresting and fun to do. Wont say to much yet, since its kinda surprising. Only that this rocket isnt for flying:)

Anyways. Hope you like it. Cya!


looks good, very nice textures
I hope you’re planning to make tree bark and fence textured too
somehow the streetlamp doesn’t fit into the scenery


hey buddy very nice update!!.. loving the textures!!.. but about the trees… i dont think they could be placed in a better way. right now it kinda distracts the whole composition. Here is a suggestion: CLICK HERE
Hope this helps… keep up the good works mate… will b waiting for more!!


Hi there.

Wayne jermaine: thx dude:)

infoarq: thx. I think the style is a good mashup of different things:)

ania: thx. True- The lamp doesnt fit. Either ill gonna make it more rural-like or simply take it away.

overcontrast: Thx again=) Your right about the trees. Ill need to play around with it.


Cool update! I’m liking this style of rendering more and more!
Perhaps you could need more space on both sides of the pic, looks like it’s cropped kind
of tight, like the space from the car to the far left of the image border!
Keep up!


Astronaut and scenery look great! Look forward to seeing more of your concept and more of your entry.


Hey there.

Been workin a bit on the final look of the short animation.

The Astronaut is rigged and ready to be animatied, and the set slowly moves forward. Furthermore I need to scetch down the storyline so I can begin to animate the short.

Hope you like it.



hey buddy the env is looking very good… nice lighting work, IMO the key light could be more yellowish or warm… will be waiting to see the animation!:bounce:


Hey there.

Another look test here. Im trying out a more redish ligt. It gets so cold and green all of it with the last blu tint I had.

Furthermore ive desaturated all of the picture a bit and added a soft brown circular ramp at the edges to give it a old and worn look. I kinda like this. What do you think?

Right now i can render a color pass with Final Gather in 2 minuts. I hope to have it around there. The animation is gonna be around 20-30 seconds.

     !!!SPOILER!!!  :-)

So far the story is:

Shot 1:
We see the rocket standing alone in the scene. suddenly we can hear a car, which entes the scene and stops hard (squashing down in its halt).

Shot 2:
The astronaut steps out of the car and run over to the rocket. He checks for anything amiss on the shell of the rockey, and takes up a remote control to open the rocket. He steps inside.

Shot 3:
A bird flies by in the background and nothing apearent happens. The sound of a zipper opening followed by the sound of wated dripping down into water. Then we hear a flush, like that from a toilet, and the door opens. The astronaut steps out. He steps into his car and drives away.

shot 4(eventually):
The car dissapear, and the rockets exhaust buckles a bit and pee drips out from underneath it.


Hope you like it.



Hey there and thx! I followed your advice and went with a more warm key. Its working very well I think. Thx for pointing it out.

About animation— pehh! Im not wanting to go there yet! - guess I have to:)


Still playing around with final look. Think Im beginning to hit something I like. Theres a slight change in saturation in through the depth and ive added a bit more contrast. Further more the dof is more heavy now.

Might as well pop in this small rig-test I did yesterday. Some knee-“pop” but else it seems to be okay for now.

Hope you like it!:slight_smile:

See you around!.



Haha looking great Thomas, love the storyline. And the style has a lot of character - liking the depth of field


very creative stuff!!.. Great work on modeling, texturing and lighting!:thumbsup:


he he hellarious story man…!!! I’m laughing out loud here… really love it… astronought peeing in a rocket… hahah nice…

yeah the scene looks much better now with the warmer key. Keep up the good works!


Congratulations Thomas…

Your animation looks great.

I love the little details in background… are you modeled car´s interior?
Great textures and ilumination, car are fantastic, but need some intereior detail. (i think.)

but you movie and idea are cool.