Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Thomas Haas


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Hi there.

Heres a setting I made for the short animation im going to do.

The idea is to have a astronaut expressing some strange behavior before leaving earth in his small spacerocket.

Hope you like it.


Need to now more about the idea, but the layout and first wor is great. good luck.


Hey champ. :slight_smile:

So, you finally got started. Have fun :buttrock:


Cute looking spaceship! Is the astronaut going to be a human?
It kind of reminds me of “Astronaut Farmer” project!
Looking forward to see more of this!
Good luck!


Hey there.

Another update.

The astronaut in his rough form. Im not sure about his dimensions yet.

My idea is to depict the astronaut doing something non-action behavior. Calm but strange.

He could be packing the rocket with a picnic-basket and a tiled blanket while talking on the phone. Ofcause the animation is gonna end with the rocket taking off. Im aiming for 10-30 seconds of animation.


authentic: Hi there. Thanks.

MartinNielsen: Uh I will try to have as much fun I can:)

varma: As you can see he’s human:) Got some inspiration from the astronaut on It’s so cool. Thanks by the way=)


Hey great work on modeling sofar, I like especially the expression of his face!
At last great work buddy, keep it up and goodluck, :scream:
mim, :thumbsup:


Hi :).
I love the background setting! It has a certain cozyness to it. (It seems like the stool is floating a bit though :wink: ).
I like the astronaut’s style too, but the torso seems to be missing some detail. (Maybe astronaut suits are like that :p)

Good luck and have fun ^^


Hi there. A bit more stuff in the settings now. Im going back to those sphere trees. They are so cool I think.


Good idea witht he sphere trees. You’re right, sphere trees ARE cool! ^^
Might I ask how you made the leaves on this one? :slight_smile:


mim-Armand: thanks m8. I dont know about his hair. Think ill redo it.=)

DeadSquirrel: Thanks. About the leaves, they are 4 polygons and snapped around the sphere. Make 10 or 20 evenly around the sphere, and pop the pivot in the sphere center. Then you can copy the 20 leaves and rotate some 10 times or so, to get the desired density of leaves. Actually, I think ill double up the numbers of leaves and then hide the sphere. That looks bit better (but is obviours more heavy).



Hey people.

I moddeled the car which the astronaut is going to arrive in. Hope you like it

Hope to have a storyboard up and running soon.

So far the plot is as simple as it can get. The astronaut arrives at the rocket with his car. He steps out, and takes a picnic-basket and a fuel-container from the trunk of the car and jumps happily to the rocket and puts the basket in the rocket. He fill up the gas on the rocket and enters. The rocket starts and is blow off into the air.



Sweet! modelling and rendering aghill, the new textures look great too and compliment your style well


hey, this might be my favourite entry so far. modelling, texturing, style and storyline are all top notch. should be fun doing some sweet dynamics stuff on the rocket take-off.

seems like you could throw some more polys at the car, (aroudn the wheel rim)


that looks a load of fun mate… nice modeling!

at the moment the tree looks like its comming out of the bottom of the truck, mayb its because theres not textures there, but i dont think you should overlap those silhouettes.

other then that it all looks so sweet. Have fun mate… c ya around :thumbsup:


Hey people.

Ive been working on the textures on the astronaut lately. I wanted to test out some of the occlusion baking in Modo, and it worked out pretty good. I wanted to make the astronaut suit like some old discardet russian space-project stuff. Further more the red stripes on the rocket is the theme I went with on the coloring.

Hope you like it.


DaddyMack: thanks m8.

Jhonus: Thanks, and yea - that rocket dynamics is gonna be loads of fun to do. Never really done something like it, but it will be fun trying out. And yea, theres prolly some objects which needs smooth… im so lazy=)

overcontrast: Thanks. I think your right on the composition and framing so far. Those trees should be moved to the side for the final framing.

n’ways. Ill throw in another update right away!


Hi again.

Did some more work on the astronaut. Right now im rigging it, and will get some poses soon- looking forward to that.


hey the astronought is looking good, nice texturing work…