Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Simen Andreas Skaar Skogheim


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: quicke modeling


Hi. I’m trying to figure out what to go with, perhaps a dragon with a parachute or a whollen dragon(like a sheep:P) but not sure yet. Will be uploading some images hopefully within a week or something. Just got married btw. Okey, here we go.

Never finished the last challenge, hopefully this one will go better. Good luck to everyone!



Okey, so was thinking of a dum wit of a dragon who is scared of flying, so he jumps from a plane, and tries to flap his wings, but gets too scared , and opens his parachute.


oi, thondal, good luck with the entry! :slight_smile: so youll be going with a more of a comical style?

edit: btw guess ill try to be more online in msn, so if you have questions and/or need help, try to see if im online :slight_smile:


thanks fktt.
I actually have begun on the head, but i’ll be traveling for about 2-3 weeks now without my own computer, so i wont be able to upload anything. Good luck to everyone who is participating.



Hei Simen!
The Idea of the scared dragon is funny! I wonder what style you will choose for him!
Good luck with the modeling and happy holliday!


I’ll firstly try to make the whole animation low poly before going into details, because i never managed to get the last cg challenge done, and i really want to finish this one. But no matter if it is rather low poly or rather high it will be cartoonish style i hope. At least that is what i’m trying to achieve. But i’m having my summer holidays right now, but i will try to make a storyboard for my self so that i know what i’m doing.

Have it all in my head, but with the memory of a fishing net it wont last long :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for all the replies.



Nice concept thondal! Before starting my idea I thought of making a bird jumping with parachutes, but I gotta admit that a dragon is much funier!!

Good luck!


A bird? Lol, would have been funny too see. But i’ll think i’ll drop the plane, and make him run off a cliff instead :P. He has tiny wings, so i’ll make him flap those just for fun before he uses his parachute… or perhaps use them as steering, kinda like a hot air baloon, heh… not sure yet :P. Good thing i have a vacation, easier to clear out the unessesary ideas :stuck_out_tongue:



yes indeed, i think its a good idea to make all in low poly first, like a pre-vis :slight_smile:
then start detailing the models once you have the scene set up! :smiley:


just a quick update, trying to make a 3d pre viz of the dragon. :P, just got home.


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