Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Semih Yaman




New Character! All the characters are completed now and i move on to rig them and start animating.


Here´s a first composition of all the characters.

Hope you like it =)


Still busy rigging… in the meantime i wanted to show this update, some minor modeling tweaks and especcially an almost final shading. Also i decided to make the ground single colored, the liquid effect i posted earlier looks a lot better this way. As you can see, the handtrees have also been modified a little.


His flight looks strange, but imagine him trying to pick up food…

Thought about orienting his beak in the right direction… perhaps i´ll change that later, depending on the ending of the story…

Play Video >>


Topology was improved for better deformation also the placement of the joints is better now, especcialy in the shoulder and pelvis area.

Play Video >>


Cannibal Grub hunts his food…
I´ll try to post the animated scene soon.


Finally rig and facial morphs work… here a small preview.
Had to reduce the render quality, with this few samples average frame time was
about 7 secs. The final quality takes about a minute per frame…

Play Video >>


Can i please get an aaaaaaaaaaaaw…

Still some stuff to tweak and again reduced render quality.
Hope you like it ;o)

Play Video >>


Nothing too spectacular… just to give an impression on how Mr. Strange looks in 3D.

Play Video >>


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