Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Semih Yaman


Thanks a lot for your comments, i´ll
see if her feet need some more work…:]

This is the prisoner 3D version.
Although the model isn´t very
clean yet, i´m pretty satisfied
with it. I think it resembles
the personality of the sketch
to a certain point… but i
don´t know… perhaps he´s goin
to look completely different,
when he´s finished…


Retopologized model in Zbrush,
raw texture, rendered with MR
fastskin + ambient occlusion,


eyes look very good, he needs eyebrows and the texture as well as geometry around the mouth dont look that good right now (too much stretching going on and there are no edge loops that you might need for the animation)… just my thoughts… keep it up


Thanks George, i´ll see if these things can be improved… should he have eyebrows…?
hmmm… don´t know yet…:shrug:


Giving facial expressions to a character
that doesn´t really have a face is fun,
especcially as the eyes make a big part
of it in a normal face…

Except the blink, theese are all PS
liquified versions of the first one.

  1. neutral
  2. surprised
  3. mistrustful
  4. happy
  5. angry
  6. blink


Hey Semih… ok imho you must not deform the eye at all in any of the expressions… it looks bad… 2 and 5 must be replaced with something else… since the eye is horizontal try and work it out as a cycplos eye from the side… just my thoughts


I think deforming the eye itself looks good, it adds personality and flexibility.
From a technical point of view, doing this in 3D means a lot more work than
just animating the eyelids, so if i can get the amount of expression i´m goin
for without changing the eye´s shape i´ll do that.


Software: 3ds max

This is roughly how i imagine her to be… dancing and perhaps breaking stuff
while she freaks out because her shell was destroyed.

It´s mocap… probably the final version will be a mix of mocap files and handanimation…

Play Video >>


very nice movements!
i like it =)


Thanks laurentino, i was really happy when i found it in my mocap library… it´s very close
to what i wanted her to do. Animating moves like this by hand would be… difficult.

I´m stuck in the moment… many characters and places…
Splitting everything in pieces to make the amount of cameras, lights and animation
easier to handle takes a lot of time. None of the characters is really finished and i
need to add some kind of bird creature to complete the plot.

Luckily we have 3 years time to finish it… what… only 3 months? Now i´m in trouble.


Software: 3ds max

This is the floor the girl in the shell dances on. Then she takes a bow,
jumps in the air and as she hits the floor it becomes liquid and she
disappears, the waves generate drops and theese drops transform
into grubs. One of the grubs is really big and starts eating the others…

Play Video >>


Small update…
Still need to fix his face texture and
refine the hands…


The Strange 2D Man is now more graphical again like in the first sketch…
The environment will probably be filled
with more stuff like theese hand-trees…


I added some color and more objects are 3d now without loosing the grapical look (hopefully)… also the format was changed
to something around 16/9… what will be the final format.


Eyeleen´s proportions are now more stylized like in the first sketch.
I also worked on the shading… it takes a lot more time to render but without raytracing it just doesnt look right…


Line drawing man was so eccentric


Thanks SEMSAHMER, he´s the one that got me busy the last days…

He and Eyeleen meet in the beginning of the story… making a 2d and a 3d character interact
gave me some headaches, now everything except his face is 3d so it should work together.


Software: 3ds max,Photoshop

Here´s a first composition of both the characters combined in one environment.
Mr. Strange will pick up the shell with one hand… so the girl is a lot smaller than
him but he´s goin to be scared anyway…


Software: 3ds max

The butterfly has completely changed, he is a quadfly now…

Play Video >>


The girl is finally in the shell…