Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Semih Yaman


Like the grub concept this is also
a 3D model, that i modified in PS.
It´s mainly about finding a good
form for the wings… when this
works, i´ll start to fix the
structures and perhaps add
some more colors…


fancy butterfly… keep it up


Thanks George :thumbsup: Updates coming really soon…


Here´s the 3D version of the strange
toon man… i don´t really know how
he´s gonna look integrated in a 3D

Hope you like it, comments
are welcomed…


That’s really interesting idea. It would be really cool if you could have the line-man somehow constantly deforming slightly, as if he were made up of an ever-changing line of some sort. Looking forward to more stuff from you!


Thanks grantmoore3d, i really like your idea of the constantly
changing line…:thumbsup:

Actually i thought about expressing his moods by the form of his
outline… as he gets very disgusted his lines shiver and he looses
form to a certain point… i´ll have to see how it works when the
model is completed…:bounce:


I thought you’d model it with a few black splines, without the cylinder underneath, on the sketch it looked so. maybe you try that?


Good observation :thumbsup: I tried that before and it looked more like the sketch…
but within an environment that has darker areas, the black lines aren´t really
visible… the shading should help to make him pop out a little more.
I don´t have a final solution yet, perhaps it´s gonna be a very bright world…


you could for example make a falloff material, which produces white borders on the splines (well I don’t know if you use max), so that on bright background you see the black middle, and on dark background you see the border.


Thanks for the tip, perhaps i´ll try that…


Here´s the first 3D version of
the Girl in the shell.
I think i´ll take it into Zbrush
and see where it leads me…

Hope you like it, comments would
be really appreciated…

Have fun


I like how the girl started… very stylized and true to the concept… keep it up


Thanks a lot, luckily the concept was easier to transfer into 3D than i thought…:cool:


I made some test animations, one of them i uploaded to my portfolio, you can
watch it there if you like…
It´s very short showing the girl in the shell (Eyeleen), with some “hair” dynamics
and wild eye movement.


the animation is lookin nice and creepy… keep it up


Yer… it is comin along nicely! :thumbsup:

Just curious… Are you going to animate the eye blinking?


Thanks for your comments… hahaha… of course she´s goin to blink!! :bounce:


I tried to make the shape of her head
look more feminine and worked on her
hair. The body is almost finished…
got to refine proportions and details
a bit more.

As always comments are welcomed,


Nice modeling xioncajou, very alike the concept!

Keep going!


it looks great… the only problem is that the feet seem to small and round in the front…
keep it up