Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Semih Yaman


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): Mr. Strange walk


Hi all!!!
What a great topic, this is goin to :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:

My concept is a short film about some totally different characters,
whos fate is connected in a very strange way.

A small old man, a girl in a shell, a fat grub, a butterfly, a prisoner,…

The title of the film is “Causality”.

Gonna post some sketches as soon as i have developed the overall
look a bit more…

Have fun!!!


Here´s the concept of the prisoner.
His captivity is only imagination,
he doesn´t realize he´s caught by himself.


Hey !

Really interesting concept , the combination of all these characters should lead to serious interrogations!

Can’t wait to see more of this !

Have fun and best of luck

cheers ,



Thanks Zapan, glad you like it. I hope the characters are not to many
to be created and animated in the given time… probably to make it
work there will be even more than i have already listed…:smiley:

The concept of the girl in the shell is almost finished, updates coming soon…


This is the direction… how exactly she will look like, will develop out of the modeling process…


the last sketch is very nice and abunduntly strange… good luck


It somewhat reminds me of Medusa the mythological woman that can change a person to stone with one glance, but instead of snakes for hair she has one giant red eye and lives in a sea shell.


icedeyes >>> Thanks. I´ll try to increase the strangeness even more. :twisted:

lemasterjg >>>You think she looks somewhat scary? She´s really the
average one eyed metall girl next door… :smiley:

Concept of strange small man is coming soon…


I wanted the characters to be very different in style… so after some
sketching i had the idea of a 2D
character built from a minimum of
lines, acting in a 3D environment.

This is the conceptual part so far…
everything else will be done in 3D.


he looks very nice… you just need to find a fitting environment…keep it up


Thanks icedeyes, I thought about placing this character in a bright
environment… a completely white or slightly gray background will
probably be good…

I´m gonna have to do some testing, and i have to find a way to connect the
different places that will also be different in style, like the characters are.

After collecting a lot of ugly reference photos of grubs, i´m now ready
to start modeling this fat insect what should be lots of fun using zbrush…:bounce:


Here´s the monster grub with friends.
What a beauty…


Yer… I like the Monster Grub, cute… yet wierd at the same time!

Haha… I love the “Prisoner” concept… I laughed at first sight!

It’ll be interesting seeing the end results… Goodluck buddy :thumbsup:


Thanks Insomnian, i´m happy to hear you liked the prisoner concept,
it was my favorite when i started sketching… didn´t know if it would
come across from the drawing… :slight_smile:


Crazy concepts and nice modeling! I’m curious to see this work taking shape!

Go on and good luck man, I’ll be watching!


Thanks for the motivation Anubis3D, more crazy stuff is coming soon…:bounce:


:smiley: sweet…t and appetizing :thumbsup:


…from your sketches so far they are all very strange!! Great ideas so am looking forward to seeing this progress. Good luck and enjoy! :thumbsup:


ppook >>> Thanks. Yummy, yummy grub, yummy, yummy grub…:stuck_out_tongue:

Claireabella >>> Thanks, good luck and lots of fun for you too…:thumbsup: