Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Selina Moore


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Latest Update: Modeling: Miss Gore model in progress…


Hi All! Not sure if i’ll have time to do anything more than just this concept sketch for this challenge but am hoping to find the time somehow as this is such a great challenge concept! Dont have the internet at home and am busy at work during the day so it could be a tricky one!

Ok so the concept came about cos ever since the ‘Journey Begins’ challenge, ive been quite amused by the concept of animals in human situations. Its the kind of thing you might see in a work by Michael Sowa, or Edward Gorey, where the subjects gaze knowingly back at the viewer, and animals have a look of intelligence to them, but arent necessarily anthropomorphized. It gives an incredible weirdness and off kilterness to the subject. Ive been knocking this idea around for a while basically, but just havent had a chance to do it, so want to give it a go and hopefully get across the weird vibe of this bizarre other place i have in my head…

I came up with the idea after seeing an article on the internet about someones pet anteater- ‘Teddy’. The image basically came to me when i saw a picture of Teddy drinking out of a teacup. You can check it out at:

And i immediately had the idea jump into my head from that image, of Teddy being received for tea by a young lady…

I knew she had to look very period -so im aiming my character to look like a hybrid of Dominique Blanc and Gillian Anderson. She’ll be looking fairly lasciviously at the viewer as she eats her crumpets with honey, and the ants from Teddy’s teacup will be climbing out and scurrying around the tabletop and over the food…

The image is merely a concept sketch and not an indication of style or colour (also please ignore the somewhat dodgy anatomy of Miss Gore -its a very rough sketch!). Last time round i nailed the image down fairly far before i got started. This time i want to leave a little room for suprise in its visual development…

So cheers everyone and good luck!


Hi Selina :wavey:

Great to see you back again and good luck. I plan to do an entry myself soon.


Hey Martin!

Great to see you too! I certainly hope you do join the challenge -looking forward to your next piece!


I love anteaters. Such strange looking animals. This will be fun to see animated I think!


Thanks for the comment digital-bobert! Yes hopefully i’ll get to try out some nice subtle details in the animation. Must say i love the wierdness of anteaters too!


Ok should have got these up ages ago -some sketches of Miss Gore…


I love second one from left in top row! So this is your thread, funny and strange concept for sure Sel! Hope you will find time to finish this. Me as well fighting with time schedule, but as fellah said “it´s called challenge for a reason” :arteest: Good luck!


Good stuff, Selina. I like the two small ones almost in the middle at the bottom. Hope this makes sense…

I finally started my entry myself :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments guys! I’ve tried to model something thats similar to the overall vibe of the skectches, and retain some of the key details such as the heavily lidded eyes and very strong nose. Want her to be a strong looking character, aesthetically lying somewhere between ugly and extremely saucy!

Still lots to do though -the areas ive mostly concentrated on so far are the face and shoulders -though they still need plenty more work too!


I like the level of stylization you have reached with this character, pretty close to
your sletch! I’m sure the hair will finally nail the likeness and all!
Perhaps the clavicles are a bit to close to each other, or I might be wrong!
The shoulder area, neck, and the height of her are spot on thus far!
Keep up!


Thanks for the very helpful comment Varma!

I did bring them in quite close as part of the stylisation, but i think i agree with you -something seems a bit off in that area. Not sure whether theyre simply too sharp, or moving them slightly further apart is the solution, but certainly im going to work on the detail in that area this weekend and see what i come up with…

Have a productive weekend everyone!


Nice beginning, Selina :thumbsup: I’m sure I could have guessed, it was your work. You have a certain modeling style and colorization.


Looking good Selina!


Love this style very gothic like. Reminds me of Corpse Bride just more Victorian.


I really like the stylised look ur going for ;p I agree on your earlier comments that the collar bones are too sharp. keep at it!


Hi Selina! Nice to see you here! Good luck!


Hey I like your concept, and I really like how your 3D model captures the nice feel of your sketches! great work


Sorry to say this, but where the hell are you?! Time’s running out!


Nice modeling! :slight_smile: Has a touch of ‘Corpse Bride’ about it, like it :slight_smile: