Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Sean Langford


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): Modeling WIP: Two Bikes


So heres the first round of concept sketches…

Heavens’ Fury, its like Hells’ Angels, but not so dirty and hairy. :slight_smile: Its going to be a biker gaing of nuns. I know it may not be the most original idea, but it will be fun ‘nun’ the less.
I plan on having 3 or 4 biker nuns… a tall skinny nun on a chopper with long forks, a fat nun with a little squatty bike, a really old nun on a ancient bike… all really stylized and fun. Add in some details like fuzzy dice, army boots, maybe alittle tattoo?, and possibly some big hairy bikers who where run off the road in the background…
All in all, its just nuns raisin alittle hell. :slight_smile:



Sounds like a great idea to me Sean! Like you said, it’ll be Nun Fun. I’m glad you got the inspiration to enter. :thumbsup:


Thanks Jesse, you know I couldnt let you have all the fun… :slight_smile:


Yo Sean thats a cool idea man… I want to see where you take it… Il keep watching your thread.


This is a simple mockup of the bikes and the scene. Just trying to flesh out shapes and ideas.


Can’t wait to see this one…what a great concept!


I did alittle Nun sketching last night… just to kinda get things started. I think I want to push the stylized look more. But its a start.



cool progress Sean, I like the sketches of the nuns. The helmet seems like it could add character, maybe it could have a cross on top instead of a spike. Or maybe one of their ankles could be showing with a little tatto or something. Just some ideas.


Or how about this?! Maybe they could have their nun head cover thing be an actual hard helmet that looks like a nun head cover thing…that may be kinda hard to illustrate without animation, but just an idea I had.


HAHA… thanks for the ideas guys, it always helps!

I was going to try to incorporate several things like the helmet, goggles, leather gloves (the kind with no fingers), big boots… maybe a leather vest too huh? :slight_smile:
I want the ladies to look really different from anything I’ve done before, so Im still trying to nail down an odd style that will work for the nuns. I’ll post some more sketchs or what-not soon.

thanks again!


Very nice idea you’ve got here :).
Even the mock ups of the bikes show nicely their futur rider’s personality, I like a lot :D. I especially can’t wait to see the ancient Nun’s expression !

And why not add a little frail priest on the back seat on one of those choppers? Knuckles white with tension. :smiley:

Good luck with the contest :slight_smile:


That is PERFECT!!! I was wanting to have a side-car and he would be perfect for it! I’ll see if I can have some more solid sketchs by tommorrow.

Thanks D.S.!



The sketches are great, and the concept is excellent. The opening test of the bikes in 3d seems good, but I wonder if there is an iconic biker image that you could satirize for the composition… nothing leaps to mind for me, but maybe there is something from Easy Rider, or similar, that would click for most people?

Looking forward to following this one :slight_smile:


So as I am still working on the concept art for the characters… I thought I would post alittle progress on the scene concept. Im adding a scared priest in a sidecar and a few more ideas.


nice concept u got there!!! would love to see that big fat nun on the teeny weeny little bike finished! i think she has the most comic potential of all


Thanks man!
I’ve already started the big nun, but only in a basic form. As soon as I nail down the acutal concept art for their faces, I will begin the more relevant sculpting.
Thanks for looking!


that’s frickin hilarious! Looks like it’s gonna have lots of spirit and movement. I’m glad to see you planning stuff out first and then hitting the modeling.


I agree with Kary. There’s something that could maybe be tweaked about the composition. Everything’s great, but the composition seems to flatten things down a bit.
The two bikersupernuns in the back seem to have too much of a similar pose, and they’re at the same level on the road.


this will be fun to watch! i think this is one of the most hilarious entry for the challenge. if you are going for a gang of nun bikers maybe add another one at the back (just some thought)